The Naim New Classic range - Part 1

It’s a bit like two XPSDR in one box, one half powering each output socket, but with a switched mode power supply for standby.

You can see on the internal shot the lines of DR regulator boards.


Just reverting to what I wrote above about Naim preamps, am I right in remembering that there were some (small) Naim pre and power amps made under licence in New Zealand to get round prohibitively high import duties on goods imported into NZ? If that is correct, did they have different model numbers (as I can’t think where those numbers would fit in the model range)?

Ah they had to double the electronics to support the two generations burndy and technology meaning one have to pay for both even if you only use half of it.

Well time will tell, as to how many upcoming new Classic devices use both PSU output sockets like the 222 does.

I’m sure comparisons will be done soon. Signals website says NDX2 with new PSU is well ahead of an XPSDR….

110dB has replied clarifying the purpose of each socket (one analogue, other digital and signalling)

What’s the reason behind moving to a new generation Burndy?

Hi all,

Glad that finally we can talk about the new 200 series. :slight_smile:

So lots of questions. Lets try and nail them:

Q. Does it support native Apple Music.
A. No as Apple do not allow third parties to do this. It supports Airplay2 and we are on the very latest library. We (and everyone else) are still in limbo if and when Apple will enable lossless streaming of Apple Music over Airplay using ALAC. The code our side is enabled on the 222 and all other current generation products.

Q. Will existing products get new features?
A: Yes - same platform, although lots of new tech in these products that extend the platform. Overall, Uniti, Classic, New Classic on NP800 platform will all stay in sync feature set wise. We’ve got a few nice software updates coming up in 2023 for all of you… even gen1 streamer customers.

Q. New PSU - cabling changes, et all. What’s the deal?
A: The original Naim PSU’s were designed in a day of driving CD player electronics, there were no power regulatory requirements and the power delivery demands were quite different. The new classic redefines the way an external PSU works and has two working modes: Smart mode for digital electronics like streamers and a dumb mode for future analogue only electronics. When in smart mode the PSU and powered device work as one and the system is all synchronised and safely hit <0.5w and <2watt regulatory standby standards. There is a user selectable mode so it can keep running all the time for optimal performance, but at the expensive of increased electricity consumption.

Q: Price is very high compared to the original NAC272.
A: These products are a big step up compared to the 272 and set a whole new benchmark. I’ve been running a full set of New Classic 200 series electronics for nearly a year now in various states of prototype and they won’t be given back to Naim HQ in a hurry :slight_smile: The latest NAP250 I am very fond of - a very musical amp, but some serious punch and drive.

Q Brightness buttons on the back of some products. What’s the deal?
A: Products can be linked together so they all stay in sync. For example the 222 and the new NAP250 can be linked together with an optical cable (so no ground loops) and all the visuals and standby states all stay in sync. Consider it a 2 or 3 box Uniti convenience wise.

Q: Why does the PSU have a 300 series name?
A: Maybe there are more products to arrive in 2023 :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


The new range look great. Very tempted to put in an order!

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Totally agree. My recent 200 system which I’m listening to now sounds superb, no need to change just because a new system is announced.


That’s easily sorted.

Bit of glue and a bit of this. :innocent:



I thought the 252 required a Supercap or Supercap DR to work ?


You are correct.

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Great feedback. Many thanks :+1:

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I’m always willing to help and I’d be a lot harder on some you blokes than Richard.

On a positive note congratulations to Naim for finally answering the one or two requests for a replacement for the much loved and missed 272, it looks like a worthy successor.

Like the rest of us I’m looking forward to seeing the new stuff in the flesh and the rest of the updated (New) Classic Range. We’re all big fans of the brand and Naim needs to keep evolving to stay relevant and financially competitive.


We can always just switch off the green and black logos and be done with it


300DR all…day…long…


Was just thinking that. My pre price increase NAP 250 DR is sounding sweet and got my long headphone cable plugged into the XLR of my Atom HE.

Stunning new kit! But lemme get back to the music…


Not sure how anyone can make that judgement unless they have had a proper demo of the 2


It’s great there is still life in gen 1 products.

Us SuperUniti owners thank you for your continued support :+1:


That’s what I used to hide the blue LED on my Farad Super3 :smile::+1:

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Good morning Pete, wise words as always.

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