Uniti exchange program

They probably see it as an opportunity to transfer old customers to new stuff before they buy something else. If this were offered in Sweden (unlikely, I know) I have an old lcd-handicapped uniti and would have a chat with my dealer.

I suspect that the sales forecast for the next 12 months is lower than they would like, I guess due to the current financial squeeze and the spiralling price of new kit. Unlocking another source of revenue for a relatively modest sacrifice would seem like a good move.


Several reason I guess.
Attempt to increase turnover and profit to shareholders.
Or at least keep on track.

As others point out, other branches do this method with their products as well.
They can only do it because their basic retail prices are very high, this vote for Naim but there are brands with much higher price levels(presumably profit too) - making room for a “modest” discount.

I’m surprised nobody mention level of Naim retail prices, next generation Nova might very well increase as much as 272 to 222 or 250DR to 250.3 did.
If a potential customer can afford a 6K item, 3-5% discount is not the dealbreaker or vice-versa.

I think the answer is fairly straightforward. Naim as UK distributor have traditionally tried to help stimulate sales for their dealers during the slower summer period by doing summer promotions. This promotion makes a good deal of sense as the legacy Uniti range is getting on in years now, certain parts are getting harder to replace, and the new streaming platform is quite a big advance over the old, so why not give extra support and incentive for any existing legacy Uniti customers who might wish to upgrade to the current range.

Naim have done promotions like this before - many will recall similar some years ago for older CD players, where Naim wished to support their customers after stocks of the older mechs were running dry.


Yes, it’s UK only.

I’m waiting patiently for the 2023 software updates for gen1 streamers as posted by @Stevesky a few months ago. I hope this is still in the pipeline

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Naim should also do this on other countries.

Naim do this as distributor. It would be up to the respective distributors of other countries as to whether they would do something similar.


Are Naim uk the Irish distributor as well?

UK or GB?

That is what is the status of Northern Ireland, are the offers available there?


In most other countries it is hardly worth the cost of the extra admin for a distributor to set it up. To few units sold. I have written my unit off and marked it for recycling. And this is another thing - I wish Naim did it like Apple where I can send any old Apple product I can’t sell second-hand or is not worth repairing to Apple to do a decent rectycling or simply make sure bad components inside dont just end up in nature.

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It says “This promotion is valid for UK customers only

Often distributors will take in any old and unwanted Naim kit.

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