The Naim New Classic Range - Part 2

Just noticed that the NSC222 “lost” the RCA line out that the NAC272 had, and I don’t think the 8 pin DIN is wired to output a line level signal, so only post volume control outputs are available?

Yeah no fun ha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I ready a post from @110dB that there was a line out (ie tape out) on the 8 pin, but I’m not sure if that referred to the 333 or 222. If one has it, you’d expect both to. But maybe not of course. Hopefully Steve can clarify. I also read that the 8 pin socket will take a standard 5 pin plug.

The line/tape out is on the NAC332.

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Asked this very question a while ago: no more line out on 222 :frowning: , only pre-out.

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I think connection 6 of the 332 is the 8 pin DIN, with 18V pins to power the NC phono stage.

Connection 8 of the 332 has record out connections, on a “normal” 180° 5 pin DIN.

Greetings to all with a very first post as a new Naim owner, excited to step in to the Naim world.
I recently moved from Hegel H590 and Innuos Zenith Mk3 to the New Classic range with 250, 222, and 300. Speakers are Dynaudio C20 and in the process of upgrading to C30. There’s more in both systems but I’m keeping the focus on main pieces.

Besides reading reviews and watching Jason’s interviews, I learned quite a bit here before making my decision and I was delighted to see Naim staff and leaders responding to community questions, it was one of the reasons for the transition for me. @110Db - Steve, thank you for all the insights you share.

As i was 4 weeks into the burn in process last weekend, I saw the announcement on 300 series. Now I found myself curious about that next step. It’s a fascinating hobby we’re in to say the least.
My first thought is to go from 250 to 2x350 but i keep wondering about the 332+333 path.

Would 332+333 without the 300 be still significantly better than 222+300 ? Would this be a more impactful upgrade path than 2x350?


Greetings Marty.

Good question, although until demo units hit the shops we won’t know for sure. Certainly in theory upping the front end and pre over the power should bring the greater satisfaction to going the other way around, but it’ll be interesting to try out the possibilities once the opportunity arises.


Thanks Richard. I thought since I’m transitioning to floorstanders, more power, more DRs, and separate transformers per channel would do more good, but perhaps I need to look closer to front end. Looking forward to availability of 300 series in US.

It’s a lot of dough for not a lot of sonics. Seems to be the in thing. Look around.

It is very quiet from Naim’s side regarding the new 300 series unlike when the 200 series was announced. Could it be because it is not the start of sales yet, or what is the reason?

People have actual day jobs I expect.


There is no reason to answer arrogantly to a serious question zen…:rage:

One suspects it’s due to a number of reasons e.g.

1- show release for maximum profile was set in stone
2- much of the 200-series kit was ready at dealers and/or, it appears, from built stock
3- with some of the kit now being/to be made outside the UK, there’s probably some work needed on supply lines etc.
4- this is how Naim used to operate (IIRC), in that announcements were made and supply would lag, as things were built to order.
5- must not overlook that the 200-kit replaced the 272 etc.


Yes, a large part of the explanation is probably, just as you say, that the 200 series was manufactured and ready for immediate sales launch and that the 300 series was announced in advance before any fully built units had actually been produced for the market, although it may have been the original plan from the very beginning.

Bjorn, please accept my apology. Sometimes, tone and register is lost in text. I wasn’t trying to come off that way. I was just offering likely explanation and I see the brevity comes across as terse. I am sorry.


I am hearing that big dealers in the UK won’t even get demo units until September let alone customer units, so Naim won’t be wanting to whip up too much excitement here at this stage.

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It’s also a bank holiday weekend and half term holiday for the schools = holiday opportunity for anyone including members of Naim r&d. Plus I can count the number of Naim staff who post on the forum with 1 hand and spare fingers.

Unless the dealers have bought in a big stock of the older models and are prepared to sell at discount surely this will mean a lean period for sales between now and October as most folks will be holding out for the new range :thinking:

Apologies for the thread drift but …

I attended a 200 series launch event at my dealer this week and took the opportunity to ask about the closeness of the cable of the NCS222 to the middle Fraim leg. Jason told me that a narrower Fraim leg was on the way for those wanting to use this on other than the top shelf.

Good that there is a solution, interesting that the socket was placed where it was - perhaps a function of all the kit inside the casing?