System Pics 2024

looks great Phill, glad you’re enjoying it.

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Hello all,

this is my first post here, so a short introduction first: living in Vienna, Austria, currently don’t have NAIM gear but I read here since quite some time and love your friendly, civilised community!

My three systems:

  1. Main system, composed of a Thorens TD 160-II with SME 3009 and a Clearaudio system (forgot which although I had it mounted only a year ago…), a Meridian 506.20 CD player, a NAD 6240 tape, a Copland CSA-14 hybrid amp and finally a pair of Odoen Orfeo horn speakers. The latter are temperamental beats and react merciless to wrong position. Sweet spot nails you to a 10cm2 spot on the x- and the y-axis, which is a bit of torture at times… So depending on further development of our living situation these fine speakers might have to go.

So, again thank you for welcoming me here.


  1. Secondary system: for private listening I have a Linn Magic DS streamer playing into a Creek OBH-11 headphone amp which is fed by a super-regulated DIY power supply. Phones currently are Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (80 Ohm).


Hi … welcome … and nice set up :wink::muscle:t2:

  1. Third (& temporary) system is a simple Onkyo CR-70R all-in-one CD-Receiver which plays surprisingly well even on the Odeons. I repaired it for my parents (changed CD drive belt), so this will make room soon.


If any of you remember the tale of my 552 and the issues I have getting all four transit screws to locate and screw home, well I have just taken it and its PS into Audience in Bath where it will be collected on Tuesday by Darren of Naim Audio and delivered to the Service department. Even though it’s just coming up to its ninth birthday, it’s going in for a full service and I’m hoping they’ll discover that the suspension needs to be adjusted or realigned or some such so that when it comes back it’ll sound better too.

As a consequence of this I’ve brought the SN3 down from upstairs and guess what - it doesn’t sound at all bad! I reckon this proves the logic that it’s a better source that really delivers the sound quality. Here it’s being fed by a Klimax spec LP12, ND555 + 2 x 555PS and the mighty NAT01 (currently playing). All cables are SL or Sarum T. The speakers are Kudos T808s.

The NAP500 is having a rest while its buddy is on holiday.

Now I’m not sure if this is a mullet system or some other kind of fish, but it sounds astonishingly good. I’m not saying that it outperforms the 552/500, but it makes me wonder.


Without knowing anything about your setup, my first question would be, what is your listening room like (any proper room treatments?) & what is the mains supply? No doubt diminishing returns come into play but you constantly see top flight kit in poor listening spaces/lack of good power. Many are not achieving what their kit is actually capable of. If the basics aren’t properly sorted, this greatly restricts the performance of the higher level kit.

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I’m sure better source components get the best out of the SN3.


I doubt « the basics are not properly sorted « , if I refer to the picture, @Clive system.


That looks like a nice system. Looks pretty well sorted to me! :joy:


I found something! My mum always tells me no one is perfect. Still valid!


Good watch ! It may explain why 552/500 is not so much better vs an SN3.
A cable on the floor, no no no ! :tired_face::face_with_peeking_eye::rofl:


It’s the aerial cable, which although screened, needs to be kept away from mains and speaker cables. The aerial is a Ron Smith Galaxie 17 and the cable is a continuous length of satellite cable. I’d say that was sorted too.

It is on the floor, I know. I’ll wear a hair shirt for a week as penance - would that be ok?


Accepted :ok:

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Although the speaker looks to be pretty close to the racks. Wouldn’t more separation be better?

I have done the best I could

Best wishes, Clive


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You’ve got a PM :wink:

That’s some nice kit on a nice rack, but that shows nothing of what’s powering the kit & what the room looks like :wink:

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Not wrong, I agree. We want to see now the entire room, the mains, the acoustic specs, the density of the floor, how are built the walls…:smile:


You’ll just have to imagine.

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