Saw a blurb on What HiFi about newly updated NAIT and SuperNAIT but don’t see a peep about it on the NAIM web site or forum? What shakes and what is the scoop?

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I think folks are still asleep across the pond. :slight_smile:
This is pretty big news! The Naim website hasn’t been updated yet

Oh man!

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Yeah, they have been selling off old stock in New Zealand. Just after I bought one… I don’t need the phono stage, but interested in what the reference to new power amp stage means.

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Seems they’re added the DR tech, they haven’t really updated the web page for ages. Recommend systems still show their speakers and the old streamers.

Love what they’re doing here. Consolidating boxes, DR technology, all good news. Definitely looking forward to reading more.


If it improves the sound quality, they will put it on the website.

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I agree, I think adding a phono stage to the NAIT is a great option to reduce box count. I’d better stick with my SN2 though, 3 month old, would end in divorce! Interesting to see if the DR on the power amp improves sound quality or output though?


The DR in the SN3 is for the preamp, just like in the SN2. The power amp is not DR. Only the regulated power amps have DR: the 250, 300 and 500.


It’s not that clear, the review uses plurals:

Take a look inside either of the amplifiers and you’ll find carefully laid-out circuits packed with high quality components, generously specified power supplies using Naim’s proprietary DR regulators.

But StereoNet say “Firstly, there is Naim’s 24V Discrete Regulator (DR) module powering the pre-amp. Thanks to the larger toroidal transformer in the power supply there is greater power and speed of recovery.” But the SN2 has a DR pre-amp already…

That’s true. The big improvements come in the power amp department, and the phono stage of course.

So initial thoughts are it’s not going to be much of an improvement over the 2?

Possibly, but there is little detail to go on?

I wouldn’t assume that at all.

SN2 and NAIT XS2 showing as discontinued on the NAIM web site, so new ones should be up soon…

It’s more exciting than Muso2!!!


And now on the website…

All looks good! And sure it sounds good also!

The biggest improvement is that there is now a button with ‘phono’ marked on it. :nerd_face:


Well they’ve overhauled the Muso range, the ND streamers range, the NAPs, the power supplies, and now the integrateds.

That means only the si, 272, v1 and NACs are remaining. I strongly suspect another on that list is either axed or replaced this year and the rest next year.

interesting times.

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