The Power Line

Wanted to ask what is so special about the PowerLine? I want to buy it or something more colorful from nordost for example. Or is the PowerLine the only way to go?

The PowerLine or the HiLine?

For starters, Naim explains some things here:

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I am looking at the Power line / Or some other brand, to connect my amp to the mains. The question is, if there is something special naim specific in the naim cord, or I can just take whatever I like.

Oh, the Powerline is very special indeed, and all the more remarkable because it’s not just another cable - it’s mostly down to the unique design of the IEC plug and also (at least for UK 230V), the mains plug. For Naim kit, it’s designed for purpose and very effective indeed.

IMHO, power cables are one of the things were trying is most important. You can’t go wrong with a PowerLine for Naim kit, but whether you are willing to spend 600 (or several times that for more than one unit) for it is another matter. That said, I have a MusicLine PowerIgel Plus (which is a purpose-built distribution block by Focal-Naim Germany that has all Power-Lines in an out). It was expensive indeed but it made total sense to my ears.

Compared with other fancy power cables, I like a lot that you don’t have to wrestle an angry python. You can easily bend and arrange PowerLines as needed so that they don’t touch anything, and they just stay that way.

Since I don‘t live in the UK and in Europe the cable is delivered with furutech plug, is it safe to assume, there is no special stuff AND ANY OTHER 4mm^2 cable is as good?

No, I wouldn’t assume that. I have the New Zealand standard wall plugs on mine and the Powerline is still a very good addition in a Naim system. It has the de-coupled connection to the Naim box(s). I can’t comment on the different types of wires, but the Powerline is a very worthwhile upgrade for clarity, drive and a lower noise floor. I’ve found they are best when used across the full Naim system.

It to trust the Naim philosophy they couldn’t hear different between a Furutech EU plug and UK plug otherwise they would have spend the little extra completing the range for a 600GBP cable. I hope.

When I switched out my PowerLine for Mauve (blue) Luna cables, the difference was startling. I use Luna for all my cables - mains, interconnect, and speaker. I used to use all Naim cables (PowerLine and HiLine. There is no comparison. I could not believe just how much better my system sounded once I switched over to the Luna cables. I highly recommend you check out their web site.

No, because the most special part is the IEC plug. It uses some really ingenious mechanical decoupling and also has connecting jaws that grip as tight as regs allow, which really does make a substantial difference.

The Furutech mains plug was chosen after extensive testing as the best sounding one for EU use to Naim’s ears.


I could never get my head around the cost of the NZ powerline when the Naim wall plug has been removed and replacement wall plug is just a standard piggy back wall plug which has its benefits (when piggy backed), but still it’s not what Naim intended. While it’s still very good I always thought to wire up a bunch of UK plugs and use my powerlines as it was designed from the start but the UK plugs have been removed and I’m sure I’ve paid for it or is the $30 piggy back replacement as good as the Naim plug?? From my research apparently it’s totally legal to do that here as we use a 3 pin plug too, positive negative earth :thinking:
Note for the NZ reader check the regulations yourself don’t take my word for it.

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Yeah, but the UK 3-pin is a different layout and won’t fit a NZ socket. And the UK one has a fuse in the plug and in NZ we don’t as we have linear feeds from the fuses in the power box to our sockets, whereas the UK has radial mains.

Those NZ Tap-ons may look a bit unexciting but they sound really great. I remember attending some listening tests on them at the factory and they were clearly the best of the NZ plugs.

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I use a Schuko Powerline to a UK (Musicworks) mains block then UK Powerline from there to the equipment. I also use a Furutech wall outlet for an extremely tight grip on the Schuko Power Line.

I might go full Schuko if I were starting again but I figured the synergy was a no brainer and regardless, it would be easy enough to sell UK Powerline/power block if I wasn’t happy with them - not so easy now, post-Brexit ! Fortunatley, I haven’t felt the need to try anything else…so far!

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When I moved to France I had a home made power strip using single MK sockets and UK spec powerlines.
I changed the plug on the strip and kept the rest.

No idea how legal my strip is but it works very well, well enough that I could send the Musicworks Ultra back to the dealership without missing it in the least, though extensive trials of plug order were necessary to get the best out of the linear block.

I do wonder if unfused Furutech plugs would be better the even a Naim’s fused UK ones but then I’d need another block and I don’t think the Schuko sockets will be quite so amenable to my DIY approach so would have to investigate commercial alternatives for a block. I remember @frenchrooster posting about a few a while ago but haven’t looked further into the European options.


I asked Naim about the pros/cons of UK vs Schuko. Other than the mechanical decoupling advantage in the UK Powerline, they said the UK earth pin provided a better connection and that overall, even with the additional fuse, they felt the UK Powerline sounded better.


Yes I’m aware of the UK setup, that’s why I said using the Naim UK powerline plug configuration at both ends, and fitting the UK wall socket fuse and all. Not having ring mains here, I’d suggest it would be steaming hot……

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Apparently the older PDL tapon plugs sound better than the newer version. May be an idea for Naim to revisit them. Considering down under is paying top dollar for this.

$17 NZD

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So. Decided to buy Shunyata cables. Two for the price of one naim cable. For my equipment its the better choice. Connected the xs2 and hicap with the new cables.

Next step is one more Shunyata for my source and a better powerstrip. At some point will decide if the sub also needs one. But from there I don‘t notice issues.