Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours

What Ian needs is a kitten! That’ll sort him out! :smile_cat:


The kitten will outlast me …


Unpacked my modified Cosworth sump delivered back today. Big wings for extra oil capacity and a gated baffle to prevent oil surge.
Bosses for oil temperature and breather return have been added.


Engine rebuild workshop prepped and ready. Just waiting on the parts to come from the machine shop.


I don’t think that matters. To put your mind at rest you could find someone who accepts to take a cat on if you aren’t able to look after it anymore. It would be easier than you think.

We’ve made provision in our wills, and provided a significant amount of money (per kitty) for their upkeep, if they go to third parties (but obviously the daughters will have first refusal).


We’ve made provision in our wills for our daughters and one of them who is into cats (she has four house cats) has said that she will sort it out if it came to it.

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Just had a steroid injection through my eardrum into my inner ear to hopefully get a little of my hearing back. Unpleasant and bed grippingly painful.

My hearing has plumetted this week to practically zero. Loud noises such as the dog barking or slamming a door I can hear any thing else is under a mush of varying extraneous noises - it certainly brings a new meaning to noise floor!

I won’t like your post @Guinnless because it seems inappropriate to do so but I am there with you. I hope the steroid injection helps you.


I feel the same way about ‘liking’ posts where something crap has happened. Maybe there should be an icon for acknowledgement of a post?

You comments are appreciated. This treatment has helped previously but I lean to the pessimistic side so as not to be disappointed. :slightly_smiling_face:


It its my hope that your pessimism is unfounded

best wishes

PS Sounded excruciating


Here’s my audiogram. At least it’s still on the chart! :rofl:


I really struggle these days with a lot of background noise - last week in parents’ evening in an echoey hall it was challenging to hear the teachers’ comments.

Oddly I hear things Mrs AC simply doesn’t and did an iPhone audio app test and it showed no issues, but naturally that’s not exactly a professional test.

Really makes me wonder after decades of enjoying blasting music on the ‘hi-fi’ which increasingly sounds harsh on complex music but fine on less complex material.

Use it or lose it may be the wrong phrase when it comes to hearing.


Fingers crossed for you.


What did the audiologist say?

We all know I think that high frequency hearing gradually falls off after our 30s.

There was an interesting article in The Telegraph from a few days ago I saw earlier basically saying don’t ignore it after 50 as modern hearing aids can really help so ditch any stigmas and don’t suffer any longer than you need to.

You may have missed the background from previous posts so I’ll recap.
There is a low grade [1] tumour on my right hearing nerve known as an Acoustic Neuroma that is damaging the nerve attached to my brain. Technically it’s a brain problem and my cochlear is fine. I have no hearing in my left ear from birth.

[1] Used to be called ‘benign’ but being where they are in the brain space they are not benign just non-cancerous. I’ve had six weeks of radiotherapy to kill the tumour and a scan coming next Saturday to confirm this. The tumour was growing ever closer to my brain so RT was necessary to put a stop to it.


Yes, apologies I did miss (or maybe forgot) earlier posts, the parents’ evening last week really surprised me, maybe as a few in recent years have been done on Teams not in a hall.

I’d still be inclined to ask the ENT specialist if the audiometry results are purely due to the neuroma or not that atypical for someone of your age - hope that makes sense. Either way, hope the RT stabilises or reduces the neuroma’s size.

Its 100% the neuroma for the dramatic drop. Before it was just a typical dip for a late fifties male.
I can hear a huge amount of noise but it’s all in my head, deaf people don’t normally have silence.

For your case background noise causing issue with speech discrimination is often a one-sided hearing loss.

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It’s all a bit crap. I hope the steroid can do something to help, but as you say having low expectations is probably wise. It was four years ago that I lost the hearing in my left ear, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned to you. A neuroma was a possibility but an MRI scan ruled that out. I reckon it was Covid but I’ll never know. Still, at least my hearing aids allow me to enjoy music, but any concept of soundstage is long gone.

On a brighter note, we are back from a wonderful four night break in Cornwall, with plenty of walking and plenty of beer. It’s lovely out of season.

The first post since returning delivered our car insurance renewal, which was an increase from £320 to £495, very much in line with what we were expecting, as 60% increases seem to be the average according to Money Saving Expert. It seemed a lot though, so I used the MSE tool to shop around, and found a policy with the same cover and a lower excess for only £354. It’s Aviva Zero, which lets you offset your emissions. Whether it’s greenwashing I’m not sure but I’ve done it anyway, which makes me feel slightly better.


We like seaside places in Winter. I’ve been to Cornwall a lot as a kid and always loved it, I can imagine it being packed to the gills in Summer these days though so like yourself I think we’d prefer out of season too.

Ta for your support with the old lugholes :slightly_smiling_face:

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