Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours

This was the view from our bedroom window. I took the picture while sitting in bed. All very lovely. Good old National Trust.


Engine now on stand in ‘workshop’.

With this setup nothing needs to be done with the crack.


Popped down to support the annual Shrove Tuesday Olney Pancake Race.

It’s recognised as the the original such race in the world as it was first run here in 1445.

Traditional English pancakes for tea tonight. Last year I tried cooking Japanese Fuwa Fuwa (fluffy fluffy) pancakes. Some success but what a faff!


It might be pouring down in Southern England today but at Kingston Lacy the snowdrops are out and with the correct gear, the 4 mile woodland walk is a crowd-free joy.


Checked main bearing clearances after the crank journals had been polished. The rear journal was the worst (probably down to the previous paddle clutch) so i knew it would need more material removing thus giving a slightly larger clearance than the one shown in the pic.
Pic wise it was easier to measure the plastigauge smudge mark on the journal as the wax filaments are dark red and the bearing shells are black. All wereno more than 0.05mm though which is in the middle of the range specified. :+1:


Make sure there is zero debris of any kind between journal and bearing shell/lead. I expect you know this.
Place i worked destroyed an 18 cyl diesel gen engine via a small piece of swarf being somewhere it should not have been. Millions of £ of cost. OEM were absolutley useless with support too. A long sad and expensive story. Engine rebuilds should be done in clean conditions.

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Yes, I know but your advice is appreciated. The backs are clean and dry too where the shell sits against the block. Same with the caps.
It’s a job I don’t wish to rush. :slightly_smiling_face:

All this is being done in my conservatory :slightly_smiling_face:

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Conservatory sounds good. Unlikely to be swarf et al in there. And it’s a nice place to take your time and enjoy the rebuild;knowing you have done a good job.


I wish I could walk 400 metre, in severe pain from my legs, hips and lumbar region . It started a month ago, in my good leg then it began getting better - then two weeks ago it got much worse and spreading

Had to shower at local sports centre , then went to shop for a few items ( like Voltarol) . In so much pain…

Doctor appointment on Tuesday, haven’t had any tablets prescribed in 16 years,

Think that is about to change


Sorry to hear that. I try to get a walk in most days, not always of that distance though.

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I was walking around 2.5 kilometres a day around Christmas and when I had a swim :man_swimming: about 1000 -1150 metres

Suddenly it’s gone pear shaped.


Sorry to hear this, that really sucks. I hope you get it resolved.

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Sciatica, perhaps?
Sue had a bout a couple of years ago**, couldn’t walk, collapsed with pain. But with pain killers and time it went away - at this very moment she’s at her Pilates class!

**She had got up one morning to feed the kitties. I was still in bed and heard her cries. Came downstairs in the direction of the kitchen and saw a pair of legs sticking out the doorway - you know the scene in the movies……just before they discover the body!


Possibly , I have had severe pain with this , the last time I had sciatica I had large amounts of a dull ache

It followed a lot of abdominal surgery and there was no way the doctor would refer me to a surgeon. A neighbour said see “Dr X as a private patient” I duly did and Dr X put me in a series of holds reminiscent of the old wrestling channel. All it needed was Kent Walton to do the commentary

Worked a treat, no drugs , no surgery



Moving, appropriate, packed-to-capacity and tearjerking.

A fine send off to a fine friend.

More than a few tears, and a lot of Champagne. Which is what Phil would have wanted.

I miss you terribly. RIP



Didn’t make 60, which really gives pause for thought. I’m sure his memory will live on, and it looks as though he had a life well lived.



Sounds rotten Ian. Great that you have the GP appointment on Tuesday. Sounds as though you need a thorough examination.

Can you remember anything triggering this initially? Awkward bend/twist/tumble or did it just come out of the blue?

If it’s intolerable and you have an accessible A&E dept nearby consider it.

The voltarol can be pretty harsh on the stomach, make sure you mention it to the GP.

If you get any leg discolouration/odd coldness, leg weakness or incontinence of any kind, get to A&E or talk to your emergency out of hours GP services.

Hopefully it’s something which will settle with time/analgesia, but medication is not always the answer and why you clearly need to be seen by your GP or another healthcare professional soon. You may need some x-rays and/or an MRI of your lower back.

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Thank you , there are some pointers I will raise.

I did nothing for this to start, it all came out of the blue, I actually slept really well and woke up at around 9.00 a.m - which was far later than my normal

it wasn’t until I got out of bed that I knew something was wrong

Best wishes


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I assume that the Typhoon had just taken off from the airbase at RAF Akrotiri, just along the road from Limassol.

Today, I have mostly been watching the clouds drift by. They looked like they might cause trouble, but in the end, they passed along without any fuss.