Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours

A future Carrow Road recruit?

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East Coast of Essex 10deg,overcast,wind northerly strong. June.
Reconnected power to electric throw.
Shut all windows.
Switched on uv lights for indoor jungle.
Back to two t shirts,jumper and fleece.
Stew and dumplings in slow cooker for dinner.


It’s 16° here and beautifully sunny, but we do have a pesky northern wind that seems to have been blowing for days on end. We are having a little party for the neighbours in the garden on the 21st and are hoping for a lovely sunny evening. But what does the forecast say? Rain.

It’ll be fine……we’re planning a family BBQ on that same weekend (something to do with me having a digit change - or in this case two digits).

And the sun always shines upon the richeous!

It’s a sweatshirt and light jacket for me, still it’s only June in the South Of England

Garden party yesterday, and today it’s only 13°C with sun and light breeze, so t-shirt, light fleece, shorts and sandals (no socks). Think I’ll go for a walk with Mrs. G. later. :sun_with_face::sunglasses:


A long day on the car today. Phew!


Starting to look purposeful.

Is this purely a hobby or were you involved in the motor trade in your working life?

My first & only car (a souped up 1970 Escort) before I had company car, was once worked on by Charlie Whiting, the former F1 race director. I am from Maidstone & Charlie, plus brother Nick, ran a very successful racing team, All Car Equipe, at Brands Hatch in the 70’s/80’s. Nick got mixed up with some very unsavoury people & his murdered body was found in a quarry in Essex a few years later.

My car was running badly & in just a few minutes, Charlie had taken my twin choke Webber apart, replaced the jets & throttle barrels & then took me for the most frightening test ride of my life. I couldn’t believe my car could go that fast or corner as quickly! However, from then until I sold it 18 months later, the engine ran perfectly, faster, smoother & more economicaly than ever!


I once stood in for a meeting for my boss at Ford motor company……a call to meet him in the foyer. A brief discussion with boss and Richard Parry Jones and off to head office in a prototype Ford RS through the back lanes with Richard driving.
He was not showing off, just evaluating the car…….but able to take cornering etc to another level. He was also a wonderful person and mentored so many people.


I seem to recall that Autocar rather rated RPJ’s driving skills as well.

It’s purely a hobby. I was always interested in cars from being a kid.

Note the OCD in me where the markings on the alternator belts are aligned :nerd_face:

Always liked Ford Escorts :+1:


I hadn’t noticed the markings until you mentioned them but, whilst not suffering from OCD myself, it’s exactly what I would have done!

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Will they, or should they, remain aligned throughout their working life ?

As others have said, that is a wonderful project you are doing. Very impressive.


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I’ve made some tweaks to my Sourdough technique with a new Cast Iron (Kruestenzauber) bread mould and by following Bake with Jack YouTube recipes. This one is 55% Wholemeal with a rye starter. I think I could increase the Wholemeal further.



They’ll be out of alignment in no time :rofl:

Ta :+1:

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Had to enlist my mate Ian to get the gearbox aligned. It’s so heavy I need two hands and then i can’t move the trolley jack to the correct position for balancing the 'box.

Just tidying up now.

Well all the digits are still there……well done, i think i might have a few missing by now😉


Worth googling MST Cars. The Mk1 Evo is stunning.

Just don’t look at the prices :grinning:

I’ve seen them before. Fantastic :+1:


That’s looking very good :+1:, I wouldn’t have a clue.

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