Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours

That’s really encouraging to hear. We’re at the pre-diagnosis stage with our youngest, and it’s tough.


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Nice to read a good news story, hope he continues to surprise and delight you. Cheers.

That’s amazing. Fantastic news for you all. What a trooper !

Try and remember that a diagnosis doesn’t define a person, it’s just different and difference is what makes communities thrive. You might have to adapt things, but there will be plenty of opportunities for joy and a rewarding life - find the right people to have around your family and things will be fine.


Yes, it’s not easy, but if it’s remotely reassuring we all found the diagnosis helpful and it explained a lot. It changed the way he thought about himself and helped his confidence. The medication has made a real difference too. If you want to ask anything feel free to get in touch.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

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‘If you want to ask anything feel free to get in touch.’

Thanks for that HH.


Fantastic !!!

That’s absolutely fantastic to hear HH - an amazing achievement for him, you and your wife must be so proud.

Far too many things in life, education included, are considered a race where you are expected to achieve milestones at certain times - this simply creates pressures which shouldn’t be there as all of us are unique and will reach our goals when the time is right.

Sorry if that sounds a bit woolly, but seeing my own youngsters develop makes me realise how much more pressure there is in education than when I was at school.

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You are so right. With retirement at 67, starting at 29 gives one 38 years! We are all somewhat discombobulated. Delighted of course. He’s done so well.


Of course I had no idea of this. I am sorry, really. Your mention that your son is now 28 has suddenly reminded me that when S. and I were once, in summer, your guests for lunch the two kids were, in fact, kids. So many things have happened since then, I’m speechless. But the main thing is, it was more or less 13 years ago. I still can’t get over how life simply does what it wants and moves at its own pace regardless of anything.
If your son still had the remotest memory of who I am, I’d ask you to bring him my warmest, most admiring regards.


It would be my pleasure.

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And mine.

Oh yes!

Congrats to him.

Can you tell us which company?

(For some reason my original post has disappeared. Almost certainly mea culpa, old age & incompetance on my part ROFL).

I wondered where it had gone… I don’t think it’s appropriate to say the company here, as it’s personal to him and it’s not for me to share.

I had a steroid injection this morning in my shoulder, it has been 6 months since the last one. I snapped one of the tendons holding my bicep a couple of years ago, horribly painful at the time. The hospital decided that it was worn and frayed and I was old so no repairs, so I have a saggy bulging bicep like Popeye. The residual pain has already receded, thankfully, so looks good.


Well, not quite in to last 24 hours….
But, a little over a year ago I started my last project before retiring (for the second time).
Our next door but one neighbour wondered if I might like to refurbish their drive for them (foolishly!?) I said yes.

The old drive was a mixture of yorkstone flags, river cobbles mortared into place and ‘compressed cr.p”.

Those of you with good memories will remember the drystone wall I built around the oil tank to create a wheelie bin store.

The yorkstone flags lifted from the drive were relocated to form a patio in front of the house.

55 tonnes of cobblestone / setts (pick your descriptor depending on area of the country) were reclaimed and delivered from a mill in Manchester and cleaned sorted and relaid in courses…

Probably my favourite area of the whole project was just in front of the door and around the bin store wall to th soon to be crested pedestrian gate.

Finally, 126 bags of a cementatious resin were used to finish the drive - fun in temperatures >20C as setting time around 15 minutes.

Final job, was to rebuild the boundary wall I demolished a year ago and create a pedestrian gate.

That’s it I having a sit down and a glass / bottle of something fizzy listening to Mahler 2.

Sorry for long winded post.


That’s wonderful craftsmanship.


what a fantastic job. :clap:


Very nice indeed


@Mike_S @Gazza @bruss

Thank you.

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