Things that make you feel old

Yes it pretty fun. The series sets of 6 mats were tricky to complete.

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Is it the case that during the tie when Guinness was dispensed in hospitals it was “bottle conditioned” not pasteurised?
Can imagine that there would have been benefits from that to people who were not moving on a regular basis.


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I’ve got boxes of beermats too from when me and my mate were teenagers :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am thinking of giving some of my Nait kit to my youngest daughter, perhaps some CB. I realise that giving her the Nait2 and a P3 is the equivalent of my Dad offering me this at age 25. :grinning:



In a similar vein I was MC for a 30th reunion of work colleagues from 1985 to 2015. As one of the big films of 1985 was Back to the Future set between 1955 and 1985, I did a (hopefully humorous) speech comparing fashion, cars, computers, mobiles, music and failed businesses. It was surprising just how different the eras were.

It was a shock to see some people after 30 years when I remembered them as their young selves.

Sadly that was 7 years ago……

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An excerpt below from the blog of political scientist Professor Matt Goodwin.

It was the reference to 9/11 that struck me most - that doesn’t seem very long ago at all…

“This week I met my new first year university students. They were born in … brace yourself … you are about to feel old … 2004. This means they were not alive during 9/11. They cannot remember prime ministers Blair and Brown. They can barely remember David Cameron…”


Not sure I want to remember any of them either :rofl:


I like to measure time in movies. Those first year students; the Star Wars prequal trilogy are old movies before their time. Ditto The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

To most of us, they are still new-ish.