Tidal broken on all my NAIM streamers

Have an NDX, 2 QBs and one MuSo, Tidal suddenly broken on all of them. I recently downgraded my Tidal subscription from hifi to premium, which seems to have messed things up.

I can search music within Tidal, but if i select a track to play within the NAIM app, nothing happens. The Tidal app on iPhone seems to work fine, but not the app embedded within the NAIM steamers.

I have tried the following, but to no avail.

  1. Changed quality setting on “Input settings” > Tidal within the NAIM app, from hifi to premium.

  2. Logged out of Tidal in the NAIM app and re logged in.

  3. Rebooted each NAIM device.

None of these has made a difference.

Any thoughts, ideas much appreciated.


Here Tidal plays without any problems on my NAC272

Do you have set up by cable or wifi ??

Try to reset your Router and then reconnect

Fischer, thanks everything is wired, have reset the router, still not working.

Everything was working fine for the past 3 years until I decided to downgrade my Tidal subscritption.

The joys of the digital world…

Come on Forum !

Would really appreciate the collective wisdom on this one. Since downgrading my Tidal subscription, I can no longer stream Tidal to ant of my 4 naim devices. Subscription is ok, and the tidal app works fine on my iPhone. Have done all the usual stuff, reboot router, streamers, iPhone, log out and log in etc…

Ideas much appreciated.

Could it be that Naim only works with Tidal lossless? I seem to remember this but perhaps it’s Roon I’m thinking of.

Although the following from the Tidal website

“Naim plays by default in HiFi, so please go to settings in the app and select High, or else it might not work.” suggests a setting you could try.


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Naim support know all about this issue and have been working on a fix for months now. It is only affecting the Premium not HiFi.
It is something to do with Tidal changing their format from MP4 to MP4A or something like this.
The Naim app code cannot deal with it. I got so fed up of it I increased my Tidal subscription to HiFi and haven’t had a problem since.
You should however be able to play some older material off Tidal. Unless they have changed it all to the MP4A format now.
Contact Naim support and ask them to get a move on.

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Sjb, Mike
Thanks so much, very helpful indeed. Resetting the quality in the settings tab on the NAIM streamers works - most of the time. “Normal” setting works now - though I have no idea what bit rare that actually is.

But bizarrely some new albums ( eg Knopfler latest) just will not play, which I guess is Mike’s point. A real shame because one of the joys, for me at least, of a streaming service is to be able to browse the latest stuff. Oh well, for now it’s good enough. Thanks once more…


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Do you already have a library of music within the Naim app that does play the music, or is it just some of the later releases from Tidal?

Naim are aware that due to Tidal releasing new albums that for whatever reason wont play on the Naim app, but will on the Tidal app, and they tell me should be sorted in the not too distant future on the next software update.

Hi Craig, seems to be the later releases which are problematic. Now that I’m aware that’s its a known problem, and not something to do with my set up, I’ll just wait for the fix to come.

Thanks… Paul

I’vw Had it do similar and was down to the account not being paid, credit card expired, seems fine,can view it all when you play comes with an error, which means nothing, but turns out to be payment related.

I don’t know if this will add much but about 2+ weeks ago Tidal started being very intermittent on the 272 in my bedroom system. At the time here in Maine we experienced temps zero and below and at first I thought that was the cause, but even at much warmer temps Tidal would play from 30 seconds to 30 minutes and then stop for no reason as others have described. Other streaming hardware like Roku on the same network had no problems.

Recently prompted by Simon’s posts I tried Tidal on the NDX2 in my main system, and experienced no problems at all; it played for hours uninterrupted. So I went back to my other system and arranged optical input of Tidal via a Mac Mini as a Roon endpoint, and again no problems whatsoever. The issue definitely seems to be limited to the older model Naim streamers, and hopefully the company is aware and well on their way to providing a fix via a software or firmware update.

I have been running TIDAL all day today (Sunday) with no issues. Its sounding mangnificent as a matter of fact. I have not really listined to it since I got my ND555–too busy listening to ripped CD’s via the Core and HiRez ProStudioMasters. However TIDAL really sounds very good thru the 555. Perhaps they have made lots of little tweaks to improve SQ. It never sounded so good on my NDX–probably the 555 at work here.


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Since last Thursday 07 feb i have problem with Tidal. It stops after 1-2 minutes regardles the album i play. The internet radio plays OK so I assume there is no problem with router or internet connection. Any ideas?

And wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…

Please see our recent post:

Does this cover the Muso?

I ask as it (the Muso) assures me it’s all up to date, no update there.

Hi Craig, Mu-so update information is here: https://www.naimaudio.com/news/26299/mu-so-and-mu-so-qb-firmware-update-180

Thanks, any idea when that will be?
Muso shows no update yet.

I do sometimes wish NAIM would be more transparent with known issues that they are working to resolve. I was farting around for hours with my QBs and MuSo, and network, because they would not reliably play Tidal tracks on the “high” quality setting.