Tidal Connect

Hey Clare - did you get an ETA wrt this?

App updates are with Apple/Google for review; TIDAL Connect firmware update is in listening phase - that’s final phase before release…


If it pass that phase yes :wink:

It stays in the listening phase until it’s ready for release. Only when sound quality is signed off does it leave the building…


App update is available in NL… Hope the sound quality is signed off soon!

Yes, more on App update here:

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Cheeky monday morning bump - are we looking for a release this week potentially? I’ve no clue how long it stays with Mr Listener… Got my fingers crossed though - a week of WFH!

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I’ve got a meeting with the software team later this morning - will report back!


Still some more listening to do; if that goes well, we’re looking at launch by the weekend…


OK, so the golden ears at Naim are not 100% happy with the firmware update yet, so some tweaks to do before we release.
Incredibly frustrating, I appreciate, but i’m sure we’d all prefer a firmware that has the optimum performance, not just functionality.
I’ll continue to keep you all updated.


Thanks Clare, appreciate the update. I am naive as to what is involved with implementing this sort of update but am intrigued nonetheless. I would have thought it involved software changes so that Tidal Connect ‘works’, ie, more an operational update so that the unit can receive the file from Tidal, rather than anything that influences sound quality as such. Are you saying that Naim can tweak the update in certain ways so as to bring a certain SQ with it? I may be misunderstanding what you are saying so am curious to clarify.

Software code is a complex series of interactions; you don’t just ‘plug in’ the TIDAL Connect bit (wish it was that simple). Any changes can affect the whole, including sound quality. Therefore the final stage of every software release is ensuring everything sounds as it should, and making adjustments if it doesn’t.


It would be fascinating to get a “peek” into this listening part of the process. Essentially, a bunch of experts are “auditioning” the new release - we may be able to get some good tips for when we replace/upgrade gear.


Ability to nail SQ to firmware coding is very impressive.

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Hey Clare, thanks for providing these updates last week - are we hoping for a release this week now? My toes are crossed this time as well :crossed_fingers:

Whisper it quietly, but we look good for first TIDAL Connect update (current Uniti and streamers) this week: Mu-so 2nd Gen family to follow.


Can you share a (broad) time frame (won’t keep you to it) in which to expect the release for the Mu-so’s ? Days, weeks, months?

It’ll be before the end of the year; that’s a hard deadline. Once we go into test phase, we’ll be able to give a more detailed ETA. Right now, i’d predict November, but let’s see how that testing goes - it’s a major release, with a lot more in it than just TIDAL Connect…

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Well - The Update is there for my 555. Downloading as I type.

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Ah, you are one of the first -the firmware update is rolling out over the next few hours. We’ll be putting up all the details @3pm, FYI. Any questions in the meantime, just ask.