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Yes, we have not added MQA support.

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We aren’t allowed to talk about beta testing but perhaps I will be forgiven if I just say that the last couple of betas of 3.7 drew universal approval from the beta testers for sound quality, including from some notably picky ND555 owners. I don’t think anyone should worry about SQ of this firmware release.




I suppose the obvious question now is, is there any difference in sound quality in listening to Tidal via the Naim app or the Tidal app.

(I’m suspecting not, but I’ll ask the question.)

No. The apps are just remotes to the connect tech which is fed directly into the box, not via apps.

Yes, I am stuck trying to figure out the use case for Tidal Connect on a Naim player.
The Naim app already has a Tidal integration, for all the content.
So when would you want to use Tidal Connect?
Is the plan to drop the Tidal integration from the Naim app, in favour of Tidal Connect for playback of a Tidal stream?

Is driving the Tidal stream from the native Tidal app on a controller device, such as an iPad, going to be any different? Is the native Tidal app going to undertake the 1st unfold for Tidal Masters, and send the unfold stream directly to the Naim player over Tidal Connect?

Also, if you have Roon, you have an excellent integration with Tidal, with support for 1st unfold of Tidal Master, and able to direct the stream to current as well as legacy Naim players. Plus with Roon, the legacy platform can have Qobuz and Lossless Internet streaming overcoming the buffering limitations of the BridgeCo platform, while separating the stream management and processing from the player/render, potentially leading to better SQ.

It’s all about convenience. We’re giving people more choice- they can either stream TIDAL from the Naim App, or the TIDAL App - which does offer a richer experience, including some advance elements we don’t support natively in the Naim App.

And yes, Roon does a lot - but it’s not free, unlike this software update :slight_smile:


Well that was painless :+1:

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There’s a number of features that are unavailable in the Naim app that are present in Tidal’s app, plus improvements to search & the general UI IMO. Things like this were discussed in a separate thread here:

Side note - picked a bad day to go to the office, after months of badgering on…

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Ok, I understand.

I am just trying Tidal Connect to a Chromecast Audio device, which I normally drive as a Roon Endpoint (in my Home office), either directly or part of a larger Chromecast Group.
Directing the a Tidal Master stream to Tidal Connect drops it to HiFi, despite the device being capable of playback at resolution greater that the 16/44.1 CD quality that Tidal HiFi offers, so answering my earlier question.

I do use the Tidal app on the iPhone for Mobile listening, even through an external dongle DAC and for some music discovery. But don’t see anything more in the native Apps over the integrations, but perhaps I need to take a deeper look.

In terms of Roon, sure there is additional cost, but having being an adopter since 2015, my Lifetime subscription is well sunk at this point and the Core runs ROCK on a NUC recovered from work, which as an older i3 model works perfectly with a library of 7,000 albums of which 60% is HiRes.

My Mix entries in Tidal is a good example.

Sounds like you have no major benefit to update 3.7 as you use Roon. I for one don’t want to spend all that money on another service so am grateful for this update!!

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Also Tidal Connect → Chromecast Audio is likely a misinterpretation: AFAIK you would “Chromecast” something to your CCA device and wouldn’t be using TC, and succumbing to the lower res of Chromecast + non-gapless playback.

I have an NDS so not getting it anyway - was just determining was anything missing with it not included in a Firmware update for the BridgeCo based Streamers.

Example when used with Roon

Support for formats upto 24/96 is supported, along with gapless playback.

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Thanks Clare.

Although academic in this case if there is no change to SQ, but is it possible to downgrade firmware on an ND555 as it was with the NDS?

I’m not sure it’s possible - and even if it were, we wouldn’t recommend it. Every release includes mandated updates from key partners (Apple, Google, TIDAL etc) - if you’re not running the latest firmware, there is a risk you could run into usability issues.

The info that is posted in the Beta room regarding this would make a great public FAQ. Some members seem to think you have a go with this


Is DSP firmware changes tightly coupled to application firmware changes? By which I mean are there times when application changes also force a DSP change?

If “no, not tightly coupled” then a great option would be to allow separate updates of either pieces. That way key partner updates can be taken without risk.

Any change to software can have a potential impact on sound quality, which is why we focus on ensuring it does not, through listening and further code changes if required. The same love and care is put into this as a hardware release.

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It must be my imagination but my ndx2 sounds better through tidal connect, the sound stage seems to have sharpened up. As I say, probably just imaginary.

Could be as simple as the reboot required for the update clearing some niggling issues in background!

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