Tidal not behaving……

Same on my ND5 XS. Drops out, takes ages to connect and App freezes.

I’ve noticed that it’s okay if I select music on the Tidal App and then send over to the Qb on Airplay.

My ND5 XS is currently playing fine, except for a couple of stutters that I’ve noticed. That said, the gap between one track and the next, even on the same album, is now longer by a handful of seconds. I also get the ‘connecting’ message on the display quite frequently now. This behaviour started 3 days ago.

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And now - even with the albums on my hdd. Stuttering I never had before. Starting an album begins with 3 seconds playing, then next track ….
Pausing and starting the second time brings the tracks on the right way.
Next album - same thing. Once again - never had this before.
But it‘s not the Naim app - it‘s Roon I‘m playing (with sonicorbiter upnpbridge). ???

Sbo…. Exactly the same thing is happening to me and I have done the same as you to rectify, but no improvement

Thats Naim streaming pretty much done for legacy products its looking like, wonder how long the current stuff will last.

yea it is!lol i have an over £50,000 hifi thats bricked

Might be worth some comment from Naim after the weekend. Just sayin’…


Its always been on high, i dont pay for hifi because naim doesnt support it.

What do you mean by

I only have a HiFi subscription so that’s not a fix for me.

yea i know, what im saying is mine currently doesnt work…so bricked. theres of course an issue with Tidal here and their roll out of high res

its already set to high, are you saying i need factory reset the streamer so that a new high setting gets applied?

I don’t see any option to change from HiFi to High in the Naim app anywhere. Can you be more specific please?

P.S. I can play FLAC at 44.1kHz. I just get longer pauses between tracks and the occasional stutter.

Same here, it is on high since one year. Not working. And a new error: no music.

Thanks, I have now found the setting. I hadn’t enabled the input setting for Tidal. I’m not sure what this does other than provide these quality options. Mine was set to Normal.

Guys - as the thread OP can I suggest we calm down a little? It’s been drawn to the attention of Naim, let’s see how it plays out.




Found the options, i had mine set to high, i dropped it down to normal, reset everything. back to high, reset. doesnt sound quite the same but its hard to tell but i think something changed. its dropping out throughout the fest few songs i have tried to play. still takes ages to load

I don’t think on a HiFi subscription you get offered higher bit rates than 16/44.1kHz that you pay for with a HiFi Plus subscription.

Chris Stapleton’s Higher album plays at 16/44.1kHz for me.

For me both Normal and HiFi work. It’s just the pauses, slow connecting and stutters that are annoying me.

good shout that mate

Well, as you say, how? But it was working!