Tidal not working through Naim App

Since yesterday night Tidal is not working on my Naim app either ( with my loved NDS as streamer)

You Press play BUT nothing happens.
I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app / switched on/off the NDS but nothing changed.

Now everting seems fine again.

I’ve just set up Tidal through my Star for the first time and everything appears to work from the app and computer.

Ok in my Unity2 the Tidal working.

Up and working now :slight_smile:

Can someone, ahem, in non IT speak explain what happened? Cheers.

Martin, this explanation from Steve Harris may be a bit technical, but even I can get the gist, so should probably be understandable to you too;

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There are two protocols (crudely) for carrying webpage type data, http and https (the latter having better security). The Naim kit sends its login using http, Tidal put in a change that redirected it to their https software. That is visible to the card in the Naim, and sensibly it doesn’t trust a login that has been redirected elsewhere, so doesn’t continue with the credentials.
(Non-techie version I hope, but that always runs the risk of still being over-technical while offending the sensibilities of experts. My excuse is that I retired nearly a year ago after 35 years in networking and systems, so you can’t expect me to still remember.)


Got it, or IT Cheers

Mr E - cheers, (or Ms Miss etc )

It’s Mr, Martin, my name is actually Eoin which is an Irish male name.

Thanks, never knew! Good retirement also, happy listening

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Good to hear you are still well. Bit quiet in Todmorden at the moment.

Same here in Sowerby Bridge Dave, glad you’re well, we’ll have to have a cuppa and cake with some music when the situation allows (or a glass of wine).

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That would be something to look forward to when everything, eventually, returns to normal.

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Good summary.

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Lucky I got it right, I should know a bit about this stuff, years ago I worked in a network security team for a big U.K. telco with a chap called Peter Harris. You might know his nephew Steve…:grinning:

The name sounds familiar. :grinning:

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New owner (but long Naim admirer) here.

Thank you for fixing it so quickly.

Regards, Ian

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A familiar pattern.

Tidal make a change without telling NAIM.

All of a sudden Tidal doesn’t work.

One of the reasons that I switched to Qobuz.

So far, no problems.

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