Time for a change?

Ah! Sorry, understand now. It’s a big hassle, but hopefully you’ll eventually agree it was worthwhile :kissing:

Yes, it’s a big hassle, I don’t like being unsettled. It seems rather surreal without the system being on. I am sure it will be a worthwhile exercise and it will sound very different in a couple of months.


It’s a really good move PB. Hope it is also a relatively short wait.

Best regards, BF

Let’s hope so Ian, while the systems away Karens looking at putting a solid wooden floor in.

Next question is, what’s an economically viable option to Naim chips and what do other use to procect their floors nowadays.

Townsend podiums is probably the best for the money. ( vs Stillpoints ultra for example).


I stopped being an mp3 snob when I heard the Jazz Groove.


Keep your CD555 and NAT01. No reason to change due to age alone.

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Hi @Polarbear,

have you already invested in a decent test of your room-acoustics? I have had that done by a professional, and the accompanying treatment brought great results

Also: I assume you already invested in a dedicated power/electricity feed for your system?


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Hi Iver,

Yes, I have a dedicated power supply to my system. We are looking at making a few changes to the room which will help the system breathe a little more,



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At £1400 each, that’s a bit steep fR.


Indeed, a tidy and brush up will extend their lifespan considerably.

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Indeed. Very effective though. The cheaper Isoacoustic Gaia worked wonders for our ARTs but @PeterR 's podiums have been tremendous at stopping bass vibration from running across his hard wood floor and making mischief.

As @HiFiFoFum has indicated above, Track Audio would be the natural pairing for your 808s but they won’t stop low frequency vibration like the Podiums.

It will be interesting to learn of your impressions from any auditions.

Best regards, BF

Yes, but you have 30k speakers and over 100k system. Maybe the Isoacoustics Gaia would improve a bit, for much less.

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Hi BF, yes I was somewhat surprised what they brought in terms of improvement to the replay and in fact not only to the bass notes. Well you’ve heard them in situ yesterday :wink: Good to see you Peter

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Interesting, I am not going to know the effect of the new flooring until the system is back from HQ and settled back down again.

I guess it makes sense to go for a cheap option to get the system warmed up again and see what we are dealing with

I have the original 808 feet, I just don’t want them damaging the new floor.

PB, I use Herbie Audio titanium gliders under my Titant88s
$24 per glider. Replaced Naim chips.
No audible difference between gliders and chips
Advantages of gliders- can easily slide speakers to experiment with different positions in listening room.
Zero floor damage.
Highly recommended

Note - superficial floor scratches from sliding speakers on Naim chips



Thanks David.

They look perfect, they allow me to get the position of the speakers correct and allow the system to run back in again. Once I have the black boxes run in again I can then see if there are my effects of the solid wood floor. Then, if I need to I can fine tune with more exotic alternatives,

Kind regards


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If I recall correctly who your dealer is, it might be worth a chat to see if he still does demos of Chord Silent Mounts?


Good idea too . :+1: