Uniti Atom HE both outputs?

Hello, and excited to be a part of this forum.
I am having trouble getting a response from Naim (likely due to volume of requests).
I have an Atom HE and would like to connect both the single ended and balanced preamp outputs to two different amplifiers.
Basically, I would like to use the Atom HE as the digital font end for tow separate systems.
Each both amps would not be in use at the same time.
Has anyone done this or know if you can? It is not addressed in the manual.
Thank you in advance.

Have you checked in the app to see if you can turn the two outputs on and off independently?

I believe this has been asked before and the advice was not to do this. If my recollection is correct, at the very least it will degrade sound quality and at worst potentially cause damage to pre and power amps.

Yes, but the app does not appear to have that feature. Thank you though.

Ok. Thank you for the response. Appreciate it.
I might move the Atom HE into my main system and see how it performs in there a a streamer/pre via the balanced outputs.

I’m using both outputs simultaneously (i feed active speakers and a subwoofer).
I was told it could be done by someone who did it too. I think I opened a thread re this and that’s the answer I got. Can’t remember the more reassuring details but it should be possible for you to find it.

edit: found it in message 1142 of this thread and apologies for not knowing how to link directly to the post

This one?

There is an icon below the posts like 2 linked elements of a chain (between the heart/like and the „three dots“), this gives you a link to the post, which you can use also in new posts of your own.

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This is great. Thank you!

That would be me. :grin: Since the Atom HE is not a fully balanced design, the sound quality of the RCA output is similar to the XLR output. Having both outputs gives me a lot of options. I have my power amplifier connected in two ways:

  1. Atom HE XLR outputs into subwoofer XLR inputs into power amplifier XLR inputs;
  2. Atom HE RCA outputs into power amplifier XLR inputs.

Option 1 gives me the benefit of the subwoofer’s DSP for better integration between sub and speakers.
Option 2 gives me the benefit of direct preamp to power amp connection and the sub can be driven at the same time. The disadvantage is that the sub’s DSP lowers the volume somewhat so I need to pump up the sub’s volume.

The great thing about the Atom HE is that you can have both connected at the same time without having to switch cables. :+1:t2:

I have ordered another Grimm TPR cable. The same one I used to connect the subwoofer, but now ordered the RCA-XLR version as well to replace the Canare L-4E6S I am currently using between the Atom HE and the power amplifier. It should arrive in around 5 weeks.

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