Uniti Nova and phono stage grounding issue

I’m getting hum from the analog port which I’ve got connected to a P3 and phono stage. My old integrated amp had no issue, however I had a grounding wire connected between it and the phono stage. Is there anywhere I can connect a grounding wire to the Uniti Nova? Or alternate solution?

What is the position of the grounding switch on the Nova?

I’ve tried both, with no apparent difference. For reference, the Nova and the phono stage are both plugged into a run-of-the-mill surge protector. The phono stage is a two prong wall wart connection, unlike the Nova which has a ground.

The particular phono stage is a Shiit Mani, if that info is of any use. The P3 connects with just RCA (no ground) and the mani was typically grounded to the integrated amp via a wire.

Hmmm. I recently ran my P8 into a Nova for a while and no such issues, but I also had a Naim CD player connected which changes the grounding arrangement.

But you are not alone having this with Rega. Any change when you remove the surge protector and/or connect the Rega to mains with the plug rotated 180 degrees?

There is also a similar problem here and as usual with hum and grounding issues there is no one simple solution.

As the Nova has no grounding port I have no other idea, sorry

Is it the wall wart PSU or are you using a TT PSU or NEO?
What is the Phono Stage you’re using?

A few weeks ago I asked about tt ground and hum with a rega Ely’s and p3 .
Another tt is an audio technica atl5 in the other system.
With a ground lead added I stopped the hum on the audio technica.
No such luck with the rega as this has no ground terminal. There’s also a hum the closer the arms gets to the centre.
Apparently this is not uncommon. I had the rega checked tried mu metal sheets, cooper foil and hear no change or could see a way forward.
Apparently this is more common if a phono stage is used and perhaps naim amps. In the end I just bought another audio technica tt for the other system. No major hum in either now

If it’s a stock Rega deck it’s grounded on the screen on the left channel.
You need to run a ground wire from the phonostage to either a ground binding post on the amp or if it doesn’t have one then you can use a earth bonding plug.
I have a Neo PSU and used a TT PSU previously and ground the PSU to the phono stage.
The cartridge itself will make a difference as well, some are more sensitive than others.
Also avoid close proximity to sources of EMF’s.

Thank you - I tried both of those and no improvement.The TT with an Elys 2 ,is well away from the rest of the equipment. No TT PSU. Apparently the rega motor isn’t shielded.
In the end as I could get nowhere it was easier to get another turntable without these issues.

Glad you managed to find a solution anyway!

Hmm, thanks for the information. I’ll try these and report back.

I don’t completely follow your question, but let me take a stab. I’m using the provided power cable/brick for each device. The phono stage is a Shiit Mani and is a two prong wall wart. I’d have to check on the Rega P3, but I believe it’s also a two prong wall wart.

I didn’t have hum issues with my previous setup, which was the same TT and phono stage, just a different amp (and the ability to connect the phono stage and amp via a ground wire/screws. So, I’m hopeful that a solution does exist that includes the Rega P3, Uniti Nova, and either this phono stage or perhaps another one since I’m planning to upgrade anyway.

I think the issue here is that the Nova is properly earthed, whereas your phono stage floats the earth, so any signal ground connection between them will see the Nova signal ground earthing the phono stage with consequent hum. The only solution I can see is to either change the phono stage for one that’s properly earthed or else try to rig up an earth lead from the signal ground of the phono stage. I would suggest talking to your dealer as I’m sure they have come across such issues before.

From what I’ve read picking up noise is the Mani’s big weakness. It’s ridiculous value for money, but if you’re unlucky you have an expensive radio I’ve heard someone say.

So I would try moving it around and see if that makes a difference. Perhaps as an experiment you can first try moving the whole setup to a completely different location/room to see if it indeed changes anything?

The reason I asked was I also have both a Rega P3 and RP6 myself and in both cases use an external Rega PSU for them.
The tonearm is grounded through the Left RCA screen so you need to ensure that the phono stage it connects to is grounded. In my case I have both a separate phono stage with a grounding post and a grounding post on the amp (2 systems).
I also found that grounding the Rega external PSU made a difference to hum. Certainly others advice to try moving things around and experimenting is worth exploring as well, it might be worth considering the Rega external PSU instead of the wall adapter as well if you don’t have one. Your Schiit Mani phono stage has a grounding post.

This is a good point; many phono stages are very sensitive and can pick up hum due to being too close to things like big transformers. So it would be a good idea to first ascertain whether this is the issue or whether it’s an earthling issue. Try the phono stage as far as you can from anything with a transformer or motor. If the noise reduces then you have the answer.

If that’s true, then you also need to make sure that the screen is connected on both ends, no? I’m sure some cables only have it connected on one end.

All I can say is both of my Rega decks are grounded and silent, so I have to assume it is connected at both ends. I think if it wasn’t grounded at all you’d know about it.

Not sure, my TT has a traditional ground via separate wire. Could try disconnecting it as an experiment I guess. But if you don’t have an issue, it doesn’t matter. The OP has, so might be worth checking his interconnect, and possibly trying a different one.

Yes all fine in my case but I’ve had hum issues in the past and tried various grounding paths and phono stages!
The Rega turntables have a fixed tonearm cable and integrated grounding via the RCA Left Channel in a factory spec. I certainly found grounding the motor from the external Rega PSU helped in my case anyway.
Hope it gets sorted, one of those frustrating, sometimes hard to isolate issues.