Uniticore unable to see Unitiserve to Import library

Hello all,
Some strange behaviour having just bought a new Uniticore to replace my aging, but functioning Unitiserve

The basic problem is that on the same network, the Core can’t see the UServe, is therefore unable to import its library, and at this stage is consequently redundant.

A helpful forum member allowed me to try out the Core and Uniti serve on his network, to eliminate any router effects, but the result was the same. Additionally, the he also runs a Core and on his network this also could not see my Unitiserve.

The Unitiserve performs perfectly in all other respects. Strangely though a few months ago, the ability to view the UServe on my Mac, (using finder)stopped functioning. This was new behaviour because about a year ago my Mac could see the UServe on the network and browse folders etc, this was the only way to add high res music to the library. Now no more.

Other threads have reported similar behaviour whereby Mac cannot see the Serve in the network.

My network is rock solid, and I have done extensive testing on the network using Mac, Unitiserve, Core, and a Synology NAS. Everything can see everything else, except that neither the Mac or the Core can see the Unitiserve.

Have also done all the usual stuff, rebooting everything, checking latest firmware etc., also Turing off firewall on BT router and Mac.

Any help or ideas much appreciated…

So I am the “helpful forum member” Paul mentions and it really does seem to be something that is going on with his Unitiserve.

It’s a long while since my own Unitiserve was sold on and so I can no longer play with Unitiserve settings to try to replicate this issue. But is there anyone here who has any suggestions of what settings in Paul’s Unitiserve might have changed? It seems to work properly in every regard except letting UnitiCores and Macs connect to it. It is on 1.7c firmware incidentally. (I was able to connect to Paul’s Unitiserve from my Windows 7 PC though, just the same way that I used to with my own Unitiserve).



Thanks @davidhendon for bringing me in on this thread.
I actually saw it yesterday, but did not yet have a clear view.

I THINK (I do realise that’s very presumptious of me) that UnitiCore does not see UnitServe’s internal STORES. I do not think internal STORES of a UnitiServe were designed to be visible to other UPnP devices.
It should howere, see other network attached STORES (e.g. NAS)

So my suggestion would be to move UnitiServe’s STORES to a NAS location (even if it means borrowing one) and then importing those into the Core.

Thanks for that. They are designed UK be visible from a UnitiCore and importing music using the import function is the recommended way to transfer the music. Naim checked yesterday and it still works on their Core and Unitiserve, as it does on another friend’s Core and Unitiserve…



Thanks Adam. I have a back up of the Unitiserve on a NAS, so perhaps I could use the import function on the Core to import ripped music from there ?

Have been reluctant to do this because I was under the impression that the Core would make a compete mess of the metadata if importing from a NAS, but perhaps I have misunderstood ?

My preference is for Naim to sort this out, since my problem is that one legacy Naim product will not talk to its Naim replacement !

Thanks, Paul

I think the UnitiCore will be able to import the metadata from a NAS backup because all of the Naim-specific files will be included. You could try a couple of albums from a USB stick and if it works ok then go for it. I’m not sure that the Core will recognise the files as having come from a Naim server and if it doesn’t then it will put them in the downloads folder which would mean you couldn’t edit the metadata using the Naim app.

Another thing you could do is get your Unitiserve to transcode all the WAV files in your Music folder to FLAC. Then backup the FLACs to your NAS and import them to the Core from there. There should be no difficulty in anything reading the resulting metadata. But you would have to listen to them as FLACs as the UnitiCore doesn’t support transcoding on playback (or transcoding at all in fact). Opinions on whether this matters vary. You really need to try for yourself.



If the files you’ve copied onto the NAS are straight from the UnitiServe (i.e. Folder structure is intact, all system files were copied) then the Core should be able to read those no problem.
It’s designed to read the proprietary Naim WAVE coding system.

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Just had a related issue - I can’t see the US in Safari or Chrome.

Inputting the host address results in a blank screen although the tab says ‘1 Naim Hard Disk Player’.

Not a real problem as I never use it. Rebooting has no effect.

Everything plays via the app and I can see the US in the finder.

Richard - I don’t know anything about Chrome, but for Safari it sounds like an issue with Flash. The web interface needs it but it is now obsolete and i think disabled by Apple and Microsoft.

So I am still unable to get the Core to see the Unitiserve and am at a dead end.

As a work-around I have imported a NAS backup of the Unitiserve to the Core using the Import function of the app. It has dumped everything into the Downloads folder, so I am trying to understand the implications of this. Everything seems to display ok and plays ok. Much appreciate any help with the following questions ;

  1. There seems to be no ability to edit metadata using the app. But all the music displays properly if the streamer looks at the Core, and my metadata needs are very simple, even for classical music (10% of my collection). I really only need Artist>Album name >Track name, plus album art. I do not need Conductor, Orchestra, Performer etc… So… is the inability to edit metadata really much of disadvantage for my needs ?

  2. The streamer sees 2 copies of each album, I think because I long ago set the Serve to create a parallel MP3 library, and therefore the Core has imported the CD version and an MP3 version of each album. What is the simplest way of removing the MP3 music ? Can I just browse to the Downloads folder on my Mac and delete it Finder, or will that break something ?

  3. If I should want to edit metadata, I presume I have to use an editor such as Metadatics ? Can this edit a metadata directly on the Core or do I have perform the editing on version of the music stored on my Mac, or NAS ?

Any other comments on this workaround much appreciated…


I hope other experts on metadata editing will weigh in, but as far as Core is concerned you can do anything you like in the downloads folder and it just reindexes it automatically when you are done. So yes you could delete all the MP3s using your Mac. And you operate on stuff in the downloads folder, there is no need to move it to your Mac or NAS first.

The only downside of having everything in the downloads folder is that you have to use a PC or Mac to edit them and you can’t use the Naim app for editing except for new rips you make with the Core (where you must use the Naim app).

As to whether you need to be able to edit metadata at all, only you can answer that. It depends on your inner OCD quotient!



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Many thanks David, very helpful as ever.

Sounds like mastery of metadata editing could be a good Lockdown2 project !


Thanks for the suggestion. I see that Flash is to be discontinued next month so you may be right.

So having spent much of the last week trying and failing to get the UnitiCore to see the Unitiserve, I tried my first CD rip on the UnitiCore.

It will not accept any CD I put into it ! The unit is just over a week old !

I will stick with NAIM amplification now and into the future, but this is the last digital product I buy from NAIM.

Most odd I must say.
I don’t know UnitiCore - never used it so far, so I cannot guide you on that…
On the UnitiServe there is a software „switch” which changed it from a rip mode to a playback mode. Once in a playback mode it would not rip any CDs for the obvious reason.

Is there a similar software setting on the UnitiCore?

If it’s week old perhaps it should go back to the dealer for a replacement if the above does not help…

Hi Adam, thanks for suggestion, but there doesn’t seem to be any such setting on the Core, so it’s going back to the dealer.

Paul, you have struggled long enough with your brand new UnitiCore. You now have 2 problems with it, assuming the inability to see the UnitiServe is an issue with the Core. My UnitiServe is so simple to use, particularly ripping, that is why I bought it originally, and the UnitiCore should be equally straightforward.

Time to take it straight back to the dealer and demand a replacement (not a trip to Salisbury but a replacement).

Good luck.

You are correct, it should rip irrespective of any setting. In fact you can play a file from Core and rip at the same time. Sounds faulty.

Thanks Nigel, to be honest I’ve lost confidence in it and am pondering whether to demand a new unit or a refund. Strangely enough my UServe is still giving faithful service after > 10 years.

In fact it’s turning into a sorry tale, which I’ll share. The impetus to get a Core was driven in large part because my Mac could no longer see the UnitiServe on the network, and I convinced myself that the UServe is becoming obsolete.

In trying to get the Mac to see the UServe, Apple suggested I upgrade the Mac OS to Catalina. I did this but Catalina broke several important applications (without warning). No problem, it’s easy to downgrade to the previous OS using the TimeMachine utility. Or so I thought. After 2 days and two attempts the OS installation has failed, for reasons unknown. So now I have a broken Core and a broken Mac !

A cautionary tale…