Updated Naim App

Since the update yesterday the button for Tidal has slipped to the ‘second page’ whilst items I don’t use, such as USB/iPod are on the first ‘page’. How can I edit this to ensure my most used items are on the front home screen page?

See this thread

Thanks Richard - just read this thread. I can’t see anything specific to the question I asked. Did I miss something? I have a gen 1 Muso.

Hi Nick, if you have a gen 1 Muso you are stuck with the re-arrangement of your home screen. There is no option to disable inputs - see posts from Mike-B.

In my case ‘digital’ - which I use - has slipped to page 2 and Spotify/USB - which I don’t, has stayed on page 1.

Very annoying and something Naim should have warned customers about. Looks like gen 1 Muso owners are going to be on the outside from now on.

I’m told there will be an option to hide unused icons with the next update.

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I use legacy equipment, but I noticed this morning that the iPhone app has a new feature: favourites. However, on my iPad app this feature is not available.
Have I missed something, of did legacy equipment get an improvement in app functionality?

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Seems that 1st gen products get a Favourites, but just a shortcut to presets

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All ‘favourites’ does is replicate your iRadio presets on legacy equipment. In other words it has no value. Hopefully we will be able to remove it in the next app version. I suspect your phone has updated automatically but your pad has not.

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Thanks so much Richard. I can see all the icons on the homepage on the iPad which is something I suppose - just not the iPhone. Lots to be annoyed about here! It looks like I can see the tick box to include Tidal or Spotify but it doesn’t seem to remove either if I untick them! Frustrating that most of the icons are ‘fixed’. Also annoyed I can’t get Qobuz onto it as it’s now my most used streaming source having got a bit fed up with Tidal (albeit still subscribe!). Most frustrating is how something I bought only about 4 or 5 years ago is apparently now being ‘discarded’ by Naim. Somewhat reminiscent of the recent kerfuffle with the new Sonus app which they then did a back track on! As a 40 year continuous Naim owner I can’t help feel somewhat discarded myself. I think I may be heading elsewhere, at least for my main system - already bought a dCS streamer with which I am exceptionally happy it must be said - none of these issues there with their commitment to software updates applying to older kit.

PS apologies … can only see a tick box in input settings for Tidal. Not Spotify. In fact Tidal is the only input that shows it. Weird. And weirder that it appears not to do anything!

The new ‘favourites’ seems to duplicate my Internet radio favourites and nothing else. There doesn’t seem to be a way of adding anything else from my music NAS library to it. Maybe I have misunderstood what it does. I am using a Star.

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Being able to hide icons would be great, or even be able to drag them around to your own preference?


On the upside, the bug that meant my Android tablet crashed the app every time it was rotated from landscape to portrait or vice versa when viewing the play queue has been fixed :+1:
Another change I have noticed in the Android app is that the filter dialog is now pinned in the Server views whereas previously I had to swipe down to expose it. Is that by design or a bug?

Indeed, but not all my presets as far as I can see. Also there are some new icons under iRadio.
Ah the iPad needed a manual update …

Same at home…
i hope that it’s a bug as this search in priority in Tidal (not in my NAS)

Same issue with my NDS…i can’t find a way to put some tracks/albums/artists that are in my NAS

I kind of hope it is by design. When I pick Servers so I can play something from my NAS I’ll be using the search filter anyway so I like the fact that it is there already rather than having to swipe down to access it

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The new feature only makes accessible your favourites from streaming services, you can’t mark locally stored content as a favourite. I would find the latter useful, but as I don’t use streaming services and I have first gen streamers this “feature” is at best useless and at worst annoying! Since all it does is replicate your presets on first gen streamers I don’t understand why it’s even visible as an option.

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On my iPad mini I now have HDMI shunted on to another page on its own.

If the icons were arranged 5 x 2 that would prevent this (there’s plenty of room). Or being able to hide USB, Chromecast etc which I never use, would also be nice.

On my legacy streamer with Android, it is still better for me to go to the Tidal symbol and click on (for instance) “Albums”.

The Favourites symbol offers no advantage - the final screen is still two clicks away.

Also, “Favourites” produces a final screen where the “scroll-down” function on the right-hand side of the screen does not work, although everything now has a Tidal symbol against it presumably to let me know something that, er, I already knew.

So, I’ll reserve final judgement until after I have my ND5XS2/Qobuz installed but at the moment, under-impressed… :unamused: