Upgrade LP12 or go RP10/aphelion

Get a good sleep you have a lot of thinking to do

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Not really, no.

One other thing to consider; how much do you need 45rpm day to day? The Armageddon NAPSA is 33 1/3rpm only. You can use the 45 rpm adaptor, but it’s not as easy as flicking a switch.

Last comment for the night / when you wake up in morning

Just saw it - I think a great buy at the right price

Didn’t realise cartridge was that expensive

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The specs are on the forum in a few posts, it is literally nylon monofilament, fishing line, of 0.08mm (corrected!) diameter IIRC, so if your worry is what to replace it with then a search on here to confirm the diameter from the engineering diagram is all you need to do. If your worry is what happens if it breaks whilst playing then maybe preventative maintenance is worth thinking about :slight_smile:

Thanks gthack - much appreciated


Yes I’ve got the adapter Richard but don’t like using it - bit too difficult to get on and off

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Another thing to check is the Lyra Titan I, it’s a 2006 cart, 4,5 k at that time.
Rebuilt in the recent years ?

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I had a firm “no” from Mrs Mike. Never mind, the old fruit box is still a delight.


Ha ha - don’t blame her !!

Over time just sneak in the upgrades you mentioned, no hurry Mike

How many vinyl albums do you have currently?

A better strategy indeed.

320, all freshly cleaned now, plus 1 new release to order.

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Don’t bother, I will call her tomorrow. :joy:


Mike, I also have an LP12 of a similar configuration to yours but with an original Lingo. Just had it serviced and a new arm lift fitted to the Ittok (to your point about Linn upgrades being expensive - over £300 for an arm lift). Dealer recommended the Karousel upgrade which I had done (about £1,000 - obviously Linn upgrades not proportional to size or what?) and it made a big difference. Worth checking with your dealer if they think the Lingo 4 would make a bigger difference than the Karousel. Have just ventured in to Naim with an NDX2 (sounds great) after many decades of debate (original dream in the 70s was a ‘six pack’ of Naim 100 mono blocks driving a pair of Isobariks). Ended up with a pair of Klimax mono blocks driving a pair of Kabers. Linn power amplification was never that great (apart from these Klimaxes). Think Naim probably won that one over the years. Hope these meanderings help a bit


Maybe I missed it, but what are your TTs sitting on?

See his profile then system pics