Vertere imperium with MG-1

Is anybody using the Vertere Imperium with Vertere MG-1. I’m wondering if it’s overkill? Currently I’ve got the SG-1 motor drive that’s comes with the unit.

If anybody has done a comparison that would be great. Even with the Tempo.

Interested in the replies to this.

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I read a couple of threads earlier in the year:

As a TMS owner with an SG-1 power supply I’m avoiding listening to an MG-1 for financial reasons. :laughing:


It’s really best not to ask this question for fear of the replies :scream:

Our MG-1 came with the SG-1 motor drive and it was a notable step up from the Roksan Xerxes 20+ with the reference power supply (DS1.5 if memory serves).

We subsequently switched to the Tempo motor controller on our MG-1 and it was about £3,500 very well spent. Grooveliciously better to these cloth ears.

We recently heard the MG-1 with Tempo then Imperium motor controllers at a Vertere demo at the Audiobarn. @Polarbear watched the blood drain from my face as realisation dawned about the scale of the improvement that £8k of Imperium brought. We haven’t switched yet but it’s just a matter of time and a full piggy bank.

Revenge was sweet though, as I watched PB experience a similar shock at just how good the Vertere SG-1 with Imperium motor control and HB cables sounded, even in comparison with his legendary TMS.

We both limped home feeling the need to make the necessary changes.

Hence my opening comment: best to leave well alone…

Best regards, BF


Thanks @Bluesfan. Try 9k now. lol. It sounds crazy but I remember Touraj saying you’re actually hearing the motor drive in any turntable more than anything else.

Even though my SG-1 tonearm mkii can be improved the new wiring I have a hankering to try out and see what a tempo or imperium will do.

I’ll reach out to a dealer to see if they have a demo unit. At 9k I would want a very noticeable upgrade.

Depending on where you live, the Audiobarn can do this very demo for you.

One caveat: if your MG-1 is a mark I (ours was), Vertere need to take your turntable to machine a small modification in the plinth behind the motor itself. The Tempo & Imperium connect to the TT via a different connector than our SG-1 motor controller used, so Vertere have to do a minor machining modification to fit the newer connector.

If you have a mk II MG-1, then I don’t think this is necessary.

Best regards, BF

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I’m not sure if mine is mki or mkii. I will need to contact Vertere.

@Bluesfan are you able to tell from this photo if it needs the modification?

This must all stop now😟


I think it’s the mk I.
Is it a small connector that simply clicks into place when you depress a small rounded nipple on the top of the connector? If so, it’s the mk I.

Here is the mk II plug in situ and end-on. It’s a much bigger connector with a screw on retaining collar.

Oh and for @LindsayM 's benefit, it works much better than the SG-1 controller & connectors, especially if you have a top end Dynavector cartridge … :joy:




Steady on😉


Yes definitely the mk1 then. So I take it the metal plate is exchanged for another plate with the larger connector. Is there a charge for the mod? Or inclusive of the price of the tempo/imperium?

You want something inclusive from Vertere???



Nice try. I think it’s about £300 for the machining operation but you might just get Touraj to set up your whole turntable, arm and cartridge if you take it directly to the factory in west London, something that’s worth much more than £300.


Now you’re talking. I missed his demo at my dealer Signals. It was quite something apparently……so a London visit👍

Hi @khan84 , I heard the comparison between the Tempo and the Imperium at the North West HiFi show last year. You’ll see from the photo that the mg-1 was set up with the Tempo and the Imperium, so I think this helps go towards answering your original question.

Mike Burn was running the demo at the time when my eldest daughter and I visited. I mentioned to Mike that I was considering moving from my Xerxes X/SG tonearm to an MG-1. After playing the MG-1 with the Tempo, which sounded great, Mike asked me if I’d like to listen to the Imperium. I responded feebly with a “not really”, which Mike duly ignored. The level of uplift was quite marked and surprising. This left me with quite a dilema which took a bit of resolving - John at Midland Audio Xchange was very patient with my yoyoing between the Tempo and the Imperium during the ordering process.

In the end I couldn’t resist and ended up ordering the MG-1 with the Imperium. I picked up my MG-1 at the MAX Vertere roadshow which was a great event. In conversation with one of the Vertere reps (I’m afraid I didn’t get his name) it was mentioned that they’d recently had a customer choose the MG-1/Imperium over the SG-1/Tempo. Clearly you can only draw so much from such a snippet of information, but it did provide me with a bit of welcome affirmation.

I am a very happy with the MG-1/Imperium, its a great combination.

So as you’ve asked the question, I’d also encourage you to give it a listen!

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Thank you @Bokermonz. That’s very helpful. Yes I will reach out for an audition. I’m loving playing records as of late so I think this may be a worthwhile investment for me. I will try to do a comparison between the imperium and tempo to see if the extra 5.5k is worth the outlay.

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Have heard the MG with the Tempo. As an existing MG1 owner with the SG1 it was miles better than mine. I can only think what the Imperium does.