Vinyl releases on pre order

I’m just the opposite and think Gene Harris especially a great of the genre I don’t actually own any Three Sounds vinyl but have three or four CD’s in the loft and paired with Stanley it’s an excellent match I agree though Workout is brilliant I’ve yet to find a vinyl copy so am very much looking forward to this release.

Gerry Mulligan - Night Lights, Verve/Acoustic Sounds (2024)

It’s difficult to imagine apart from the cover how AS could improve upon Kevin Gray’s New Land 2021 cut pressed at Pallas which I already own but if you don’t already own one of those then no doubt this will be a fine reissue.


Each to their own, of course. Variety is great. If you like The Three Sounds this should be a great release. I just never listen to my copy.

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Kenny Burrell - Guitar Forms, Verve/Acoustic Sounds (2024)

Conducted by Gil Evans and featuring amongst many other fine musicians Johnny Coles, Lee Konitz, Elvin Jones, Ron Carter and Jimmy Kneeper this showcases Kenny Burrells talents excellently. I’ll probably not spend £40 on a copy but if one pops up for half that I’d definitely buy it.



Anoushka Shankar - Chapter II How Dark It Is Before Dawn, BMG (2024)

Following on from the excellent Chapter I Forever For Now.


Kirk Lightsey Trio with Chet baker - Everything Happens To Me, Timeless/MOV (2024)

If you like Chet Baker you’ll love this I have a couple of vinyl copies of this and so probably won’t bother with another perhaps maybe due to copyright this one doesn’t use the original cover art by Yoshiomi Goto.

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Art Blakey & His Jazz Messengers Avec Barney Willen 1960 - Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Fontana/Decca (2024)

Reissue of the film soundtrack featuring Lee Morgan, Bobby Timmons, Barney Wilen, Les Afrocuban Boys and Duke Jordan.



Two releases from the excellent Pachyman both released late April these are reissues of the now very rare and very expensive 2019, 20 releases. I discovered him after these releases where already fetching £100+ so very happy they are being reissued.


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Fred Locks - Love & Harmony, Burning Sounds (2024)

Taken from promo material,

Erroneously credited solely to Fred Locks on its 1978 release on FORM through Burning Sounds this superb set is in fact a showcase for Twelve Tribes of Israel artists (and musicians) as well as Fred Locks… Earl ‘Little Roy’ Lowe, Albert Malawi, The Creation Steppers and Cherry Rock. The Twelve Tribes of Israel, a Rastafarian Organisation based on Hope Road, Kingston, was formed in 1968 by Vernon Carrington known as ‘Prophet Gad’ whose members are grouped into Twelve Tribes modelled on the Biblical Twelve Tribes of Israel.

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John Abercrombie, Dave Holland & Jack DeJohnette - Gateway, ECM (2024)

An excellent record that I’m very much looking forward to owning on vinyl I’d never heard it until I started researching the upcoming Luminessence reissues and have only ever streamed it so far.


I see AP/Atlantic 75 Abandoned Luncheonette on 45 in my future…

Should be gooder than good.


I have about 150 ECM albums in my vinyl collection. This is one my favorites and I look forward to the new reissue (I have an old U.S. WEA pressing).

May interest some here. The lp will be released later.
See Mono and Stereo. Other AudioNautes recordings to come.


10 may

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Rhino are releasing a 50th anniversary remaster of From the Mars Hotel by The Grateful Dead on June 21, including a fancy zoetrope picture disc and a CD with loads of extras

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Sean Khan Presents The Modern Folk & Jazz Ensemble, Acid Jazz (2024)

Following on from Sean’s excellent Coltrane tribute Supreme Love the first track John Martyn’s Solid Air is very, very good indeed really looking forward to this.

From Promo material,

Saxophone master Sean Khan presents a brand new album project on Acid Jazz – The Modern Folk & Jazz Ensemble. The album explores the sounds of the late-’60s/early-’70s folk revival, recast and reimagined in a jazz setting with featured guest singers, including compositions by Pentangle, Sandy Denny, John Martyn and Nick Drake. Featured vocalists are the legendary Pentangle lead singer Jacqui McShee, acclaimed singer-guitarist Rosie Taylor-Frater, and emerging artist Kindelan. Sean Khan meanwhile is known as one of the UK’s premier saxophonists, and particularly his ‘Supreme Love: A Journey Through Coltrane’ LP. His distinctive Soprano playing can be heard throughout.

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Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges - Back to Back Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges Play the Blues, Verve (2024)

Acoustic Sounds reissue of this classic.


Dabuell - Analog Love - Bigwax (2024)

Modern soulful dance music at it’s very best following on from 2019’s Intimate Fonk and 2022’s Cosmic Fonk EP’s this is Dabuell’s first Long Player.


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Peter Broggs - Progressive Youth, Diggers Factory (2024)

Reissue of his 1979 of his now very rare debut backed by the Roots Radics and produced by Scientist.

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Does he stream music ? :joy: