Vinyl releases on pre order

Amazon now have Nduduzo for £33 now.

Other outlets are available

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Duran Duran Medazzaland 25th anniversary never released on vinyl before. Due on 14th October

Not long now…


Bruce Springsteen - Only The Strong Survive, on Ltd green vinyl from Bruce’s store…

Number of the Beast anniversary edition with Beast over Hammersmith live album.


Paul Weller - Will of the People, UMC (2022)

This triple LP consists of B-Sides and rarities not released on any of Paul’s LP’s from between 2002 and 2021, It’s a follow up from the now very rare Fly on the Wall triple LP from 2003 .

Does make me smile, seems like almost every release these days is on “limited coloured vinyl” the true limited edition now being the normal Black


Or barrel scrapings to milk the fans, I was wondering when we might get some new music from the usually prolific Mr Weller after the dissapointing imo Fat Pop


Also just ordered this.

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Yes I too have just ordered this.

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I’ve never been able to connect with Springsteen.
My general music taste would suggest his music etc should be “right up my street”, yet I am simply underwhelmed by him🤷🏻‍♂️


Not even his album “Western Stars” from a couple of years ago QuickSticks ?

A bit different from him but has turned out to be a big favourite of mine

Never listened to it. :man_shrugging:t2:
Problem is, once you’ve drawn a line under someone, you tend not to revisit to test the waters again.
I also no longer listen to the radio and rely predominantly on my chosen streamer source to recommend new music in the areas/bands I listen to, so he simply never comes up.
If I’m at a loose end for something to listen too I the coming days and I remember, I might give it a go🙂

If The Seeger Sessions album is anything to go by, then this ‘covers’ tribute is definitely worth a punt as it could be a cracking album.

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Well, I’ve had it on whilst driving to the dentist. I don’t hate it, but I wouldn’t choose to listen to it spontaneously :man_shrugging:t2:
No real change to my original opinion I’m afraid.
We all can’t like everything🙂

I had this on cassette back in the late eighties and listened to it relentlessly in my car. I’d not listened to it for at least 30 years until I streamed it via Tidal last weekend. I was blown away…

Then earlier today I was checking if my pre-ordered copy of George Michael, Older was finally going to arrive and an advert for the Soul Mining re-release for National Vinyl Day was there at the bottom of the page. I had no hesitation in adding it to my cart. I just hope it’s a good pressing.


I bought Fly On The Wall on Cd when it came out if you’ve not heard it, it’s well worth it some excellent covers.

A juicy 70s Brit Jazz Decca and Deram twosome


Great to see Harry Beckett getting some attention, who’s reissuing that one BC?

Edit: I see its part of the British Jazz Explosion series mastered by Gearbox, bodes well

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