Vinyl releases on pre order

Keith Jarret - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Wurttemberg Sonatas, ECM (2024)


Kahil 'El Zabar’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Open Me, A Higher Consciousness of Sound and Spirit, Spiritmuse (2024)

Really looking forward to this could be an early contender for my favourite record of 2024.

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Moor Mother - The Great Bailout, Anti (2024)

I’d be just as concerned as to whether or not the late Neil Ardley’s Estate would be getting its rightful royalties from this outfit…

I had similar experience with AR 1/2 speed reissues, mostly not pleased. To the point I avoid them. Which is a shame, so I was hoping this is well done. What are your thoughts with this album?

Black Truth Rhythm Band - Ifetayo, Soundway (2024)

What a brilliant record never heard of it until today originally released in 1976 by this Trinidadian band with influences from both the West Indies and West Africa and some beautiful vocals.

Super rare before Soundway released it in 2011 that copy was remastered at The Carvery and pressed at MPO this latest reissue states it is remastered but wether it’s the Carvery remaster I don’t know but at £19.99 looks brilliant value.


Les Claypool – Adverse Yaw: The Prawn Song Years Box Set

Comes out Feb 9th via Club Bastardo. I have Purple Onion and Of Whales and Woe on vinyl but not the rest so I placed an order. They’re meant to be remastered so it’ll be interesting to hear what improvements, if any, this release will bring.

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Bill Evans - Undercurrent.

A reissue from Jackpot Records. All-analogue cut by Kevin Gray, pressed at Cascade Record Pressing, and presented in a gatefold sleeve. Released early February.


Can’t wait for this one. April 12th.


I have the Mofi silver series which is excellent great LP.

Orbital - Green Album remastered.


Joe Henderson - Power to the People, Craft Recordings (2024)

Another Jazz Dispensary reissue.


Art Pepper Quintet - Smack it Up, Contemporary Records (2024)

Another cracking Roy DuNann production reissued by Craft as part of their series with Analogue Productions.


Harold Land - The Fox, Contemporary/Craft/AP (2024)

It’s going to be another expensive year.

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And Four more


Jah Warrior Feat. Naph-Tali - One of These Days, Partial Records (2024)

From the Vibes Studio, East London on Blacka T’s Jah Warrior first released in the late 90’s.

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I have an issue of this album which I bought in the late eighties… I’ve not listened to it for a while. I’ll have to dig it out.

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Just ordered this from Juno… for the picture alone - it brings back distant memories of late night, ice cold, crossings of the redheugh bridge (mars bar in hand from the late night garage on the newcastle side) to my student digs in gateshead after a night at the stage door in the '80s… I’m sure it’ll be a great album as well!


Just pre ordered the box set roll on April

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