Vinyl storage

I’ve just taken my vinyl out of storage and am looking for ideas to best display / store them. I think I have around 400 LPS. My available space is about 40 cm deep and 170 cm wide. My plan is to place my CDs on top of whatever storage I find.
I’ve looked at the Ikea Kalashnikov range but it’s too deep. Before I consider bespoke does anyone have any recommendations…?

Gorilla LP100 Holds 100pcs 12" Vinyl LP 12" Record Box Storage Case inc Lifetime Warranty

I use these, not much use for displaying but excellent for storage. The lids are removable so I guess one could display on their sides?

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I’m intrigued by the Ikea Kalashnikov range :grinning: …and there was me thinking Badger was your faithful protector.

The Kallax units are slightly less than 40cm deep - only just enough for an LP to sit in them.

The 8 compartment unit is ~147cm wide or high depending on which way up you have it and ~77cm wide/high.

So, if you have 170cm of width, an 8 unit would do it? Mine hold ~65/70 LPs in each segment, so adequate for ~400LPs.

Using an 8 would also give you a great deal of top shelf space. Of course, you can prop these units off the floor up for ease of use. 400 LPs, of course, are heavy.

Other benefits of Kallax are the various colours and that you can easily stick hardboard on the back to seal off against dust and spiders et al. Others on here have applied stops (in various forms) to the back edges, to prevent LPs getting pushed too far in.

A previous thread may assist:

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I use the Kallax it does the job and will probably do the Insulating Foam Hack once finished with cataloging the Vinyl on Discogs.

Good luck with whatever you choose.


I had rejected the idea of standing them vertically as I was fixated on placing my cd racks on top. But it’s worth a rethink as an 8 would fit (so would a 16) … I had a look at that other thread (hence initial interest in the Kallax, but must get my tape measure out again as I should have scrolled further down the product page!).

Thanks for the inspiration… time for a rethink / measure.

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Thanks @HappyListener I was looking for that thread.

I use Quadaspire LP Qube Wenge not silly money, each one holds 140 Albums well made and look good


Interesting thread, I have been looking for the same. I have Kallax and had them up for about 18 months but they are all starting to bow with the weight. Am I just unlucky ? my shelves are not squeezed in tight at all. picture shows it (but not very well)

Which Kallax do you have 4X2 4X4?

I wouldn’t use a 4 x 2 with the 4 enclosures horizontal. The weight of an enclosure full of records is only supported by 4 small dowels.

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You need to rotate the shelving. The shelf in your picture that is horizontal should be vertical.

You need to remove all your LP’s ASAP. :scream_cat:

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Ouch hope you didnt lose much Vinyl which Kallax was it?

It’s not mine. :innocent:

Just an image off the interweb. Here’s another.

I do have a 5x5 and 4x2/2x2 stacked (as Dan). All units rotated correctly. :grinning:


Yes mine are vertical and solid luckily !!!

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Looks to me as if I should stack 4x4 for greater stability.
Is there an optimum configuration?

Schmidt storage



4X4 Works then you can always add more you will see the best configuration when you assemble

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Nice storage how expensive is it ?

I couldn’t find prices. But I found Schmidt storage uk shop. You can contact them. Not found online shop.