Vtuner down

I am listening to R6 via Freesat at the moment and Naim Multi-room means I can listen around the house.

Hello! I’m new here and wanted to ask if anyone knows what’s behind the message: "radio station not available??? I can’t listen to ANY radio station, NONE are available!
Thanks in advance for some help…

Strangely, BBC Radio 4 still works but nothing else. Rather weird. I think it’s up to gremlins having fun on Christmas Eve,


Down in Michigan USA.

Merry Christmas

Same here, down in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Will use DAB till services have been restored.

And yes, happy holidays everyone. :slight_smile:

Hi naimasch, welcome to the forum. Naim use an aggregator called VTuner to provide their Internet Radio service, and it seems that VTuner went down yesterday. Naim have flagged to VTuner, but now we are waiting on VTuner to restore service. Steve, Naim’s software director, posted this yesterday.

Nog a professional one for sure
More an attic room company

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Still down in the Netherlands


Have recently added the Primare NP5 to my aging NDX as an upgraded front end, radio is working fine by this route, but as everyone is saying, nothing via the NDX V Tuner itself. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

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Indeed, not working since yesterday.

Equivalent links in Roon are working.

vTuner is down in Frankfurt since Christmas both on the Naim streamer as well as on the vtuner.com website where it shows an error 500 (internal server error) when clicking on a station.

Vtuner has had problems in the past as well and has poor (nonexistent) communications. Most other companies with such a large user base would provide information on the outage and expected return, not vtuner.

Naim and various internet radio stations such as Jazz 24 have always answered my queries promptly. I have never received a response from vtuner having contacted them six times regarding past outages of specific stations.

We can only hope for a new competitor in this field.


Classic FM is working now here in Norwich.

There already are competitors: eg. TuneIn and Airable, both currently working on my Linn DSM.


Not for me in Bedfordshire. Stuck at connecting.
Vtuner via NDS

Can anyone explain why, while on my Superuniti I face the same issues as anyone else here, I can very well listen to internet radio on my Unitiserve?
I’m puzzled but happily listening.

Makes me glad to have a robust library of hifi ripped albums on my NAS. No worries for music here.

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Down in Bangor, Maine

Never did like vTuner when I had Naim streamers - seemed to be more problems than there should be. Another vote for Airable on my Linn Akurate.