What are you driving and why would we be interested?

For those on the forum that know Tony Miller, i bumped into him at Signals hifi. I joked hope you are not going to hold me up on the A14 in that Porsche of yours. So he took me outside to show his latest car a Lexus LC500 5.0 litre V8 sports car in a gorgeous metallic red. First time i had seen one……very very nice indeed👍


He’s taking this Japanese thing a bit far. First the Accuphase… :grinning:

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Hi unfortunately I’ve sold the Alfa and now driving a Suzuki Jimny. We moved to a rural village with horrible roads and I don’t think it would’ve survived for very long up here. As for the car I loved it, it was the best car I’d ever own and unlike other Alfas I owned reliable quick and fun to drive. Every drive was a pleasure.

Highly recommended and sorely missed.

Ahh - my favourite car of the moment. Not many around, looks gorgeous and sounds amazing. The only downside seems to be the crappy infotainment system, but when you’ve got a V8 who needs satnav and music!

Yes, they are in short supply.

Must confess to having a soft spot for the convertible version - even shorter supply, but very stylish.


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I tried the XE a few years back and loved it but need more rear legroom. One day, however, I’d like an outrageous old school Jaaag. I know the tag line a was grace, space and pace but they should’ve gone for longer, lower and wider, though I think Pontiac had that one.

Lexus are apparently great cars to drive and well made but I can’t get my head around the styling, I find them rather busy.

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I have a poor man’s Lexus - a Toyota Aurecon, 3,5 litre V6. I really like it. I got one from the last run made in Australia 5 years ago new for about half the cost of the cheapest Lexus and I reckon it’s better.

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The only Toyota I’ve ever had (it was a company car and not really mine) was a Camery V6, not much to look at but it was beautiful to drive. The engine was so quite both Mrs Pete and I often tried to start it when it was already going.


Thanks for the feedback. I did drive the Veloce and the QV a few years back and keep popping in to Mangoletsi my local dealer when I’m nearby to see what’s in stock. I think it will be a new Veloce or maybe a used QV.

On the subject of reliability, I’ve never had a problem with any Alfa I’ve had, which covers a 9 year period. Enjoy your Jimny.

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Yes, I got a 2.0 petrol R sport XE as a daily driver, mainly because it was such a good deal. I’m glad I did and think it’s a good car to drive and has not let me down in the 4 years I’ve had it.

Got 230,000 km on a Camry wagon, purchased because we couldn’t get more than 2 car seats in the back of the old car and a third kid was due soon. The third eventually drove that Toyota to high school.

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@PeterR the shopping trolley went to Iain Litchfield for a nip & tuck today.

It was nippy on the morning drive across the Cotswolds but on this evening’s drive back?
Oh. My. Goodness. It’s just phenomenal!

A good day.

Best regards, BF


I’ll give you a call BF :smirk::checkered_flag: Best Peter

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An 'ickle bird told me there’d been mention of my latest motor car on this here forum (nice to catch up with you the other day Gazza old bean).

Regarding the Lexus’ much-maligned infotainment system - being controlled by a touchpad’s just fine, didn’t take long to get used to it; probably made easier for me as I’m left-handed and use a touchpad with my 'puter. My car has the optional Mark Levinson 13 speaker system, which is quite superb, and I understand even the standard system’s not shabby.

The sat.nav., however, is pants…


Need a pic on here to do it justice Tony😉

Does anyone have any idea why a 2011 X3 (2.0d F25) has suddenly stopped receiving DAB signals? I noticed about a month ago and despite trying new searches for DAB stations several times none of the stations play. The FM signal is fine, CD works OK.

With BMW and I suppose most modern cars, I’d suggest asking a dealer or specialist to plug it in to a diagnostic system. I’ve had other stuff randomly stop working in the past (central locking, heated screen, folding mirrors are examples) and it’s required a software ‘re-flash’ or whatever term they use. Not necessarily expensive to fix.

my idrive radio stopped working entirely and all I had to do was to hold the on off /volume button in and let go after about a minute and it rebooted itself and worked fine