What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


John Hasell, Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the Street. A firm favourite of mine, Roon/Tidal/MQA


Just played this via Spotify and it leapt out of the speakers, now eagerly awaiting the just ordered cd :sunglasses:


Ripped CD. I’d never heard of her before a Linn demo session at Hidden Systems a few years ago. They used the track “Sista” as one of the reference tracks in the demo. Great CD


Ancient s/h vinyl

Why? Fancied something in a jazz vein.



George Harrison - Early Takes Vol 1


As I get older I find it easy to appreciate composer’s like Brahms. And cool dudes like these two make it cool to do so. This has been playing all day.


@Polarbear was playing this album earlier, so I thought I’d drag out the 2011 Analog Productions’ Guthrie-authored SACD of Ye Olde Pinke Floyde’s Wish You Were Here. It sounds wonderful going straight from DSD to analogue stereo via the Oppo 205.


Prince - Prince & A Microphone 1983

Rinse and repeat, so good taking out for another spin! Simply sweet!


From the latest 10 cd boxset Robin Trower and Jack Bruce…pulls no punches, rockin.


New album of theirs out at the moment and from first lsitenings it is pretty good.


Nice album, with of course the remarkable driving bass of Christian


1967 - UK first (mono) pressing…


I’m very fond of Toyah, I saw her live back in the early ‘80s, saw her act at the National Theatre, and saw her play Cropredy Festival just a few years ago. She’s a fine singer, and her early material (which is the stuff I know) was a fine set of songs.


Anthem was my first album off the back of the major commercial singles, but the 1991 Christmas Eve Drury Lane Concert sealed it for me as a young teen along with a couple of Kestrel lagers!

Have this on betamax. Starts with:


The end of a difficult weekend, needing something to relax me and this hitting the spot.



Spinning some LPs on a Sunday afternoon here in NYC… Here’s the first batch:

Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow. Neo-shoegazers from Philadelphia. I dig.

Introducing Johnny Griffin. One of the latest batch of Music Matters Blue Note re-releases, on their new SRX vinyl, which is a translucent, smoky-gray color. I had a rush of blood to the head and ended up buying all 12 of the new releases for this year. The vinyl is pretty much as advertised – very quiet and the dynamics really pop. I’m slowly working my way through the other 11!

Charles Bradley – Black Velvet. Posthumous release of rarities and covers. Great, raw, gut-bucket soul. Check it out!

Caetano Veloso – self-titled. I have a soft spot for tropicalia and Brazilian psych. This LP is on teal vinyl, which doesn’t hurt matters one bit. In a similar vein, I’d also strongly recommend the Soul Jazz “Troplicalia” compilation release from a few years back. Great stuff.


Now Playing…

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Loco Gringo’s Lament

Streaming on NAS… My favorite Ray Wylie Hubbard’s album. First heard of Ray Wylie in October 1995 at the North Texas Folk Festival. Enjoy his music and lyrics, a fantastic musician and performer!



Vinyl released 2007 - Haven’t played this in a while, sounding great. :sunglasses:


does it sound like a cd or lp? i have the cd, great album.


I am very much enjoying Mercury Rev’s “revisiting” of this classic 1968 album but it niow seems appropriate to go back to the original. On a Canadian first press LP.