What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


Some great stuff on this album. Original vinyl




Brian Wilson - Lucky Old Sun - Original U.K. vinyl

2008 album from the master songwriter of the Beach Boys, and a return to his glory days. The spoken interludes are OK, but the choral sounds, the hymn like solo vocals and the harmonies plus the tunes are as good as all but his greatest Beach Boys numbers, really stunning pop music. He debuted this album in a week at the RFH in London, I was at day 2, a real privilege to see a genius at a late flowering.



Marvellous store. I was staying in the hotel above, so it was especially tempting. The Jazz/Classical store across the aisle from the Popular area was particularly impressive in its range of music. They also seem to stock all the Japanese-only King Crimson concert recordings.


Not my kind of thing normally, but must admit I’m impressed by Mr Cooper and Ms Gaga:

…oh, and currently cheap on Qobuz for a few days.

‘Shallow’ is a very strong track.


Hi Catlover. Yes Tower Records has an extensive range although I tend to walk past the many aisles of J-Pop, K-Pop, Canto and Mando-Pop :laughing:. Two of the largest CD/vinyl shops where I live have recently closed their doors, one of which being HMV, so for the occasional vacation to Japan I prepare a list of CDs I’d like to buy beforehand and hope that they stock them.



Nao - Saturn

This lady has a wonderful voice. I think I like this one better than her first album.



Two Jims & Zoot. Easy going jazz.


During workout, mainly concentrated on the Jamie Saft album. That album is less my style with his raw organ playing…


For breakfast - different artist as normal in classical environment…


There is just one track on this album that makes the whole album worthwhile… and that is Maria Doyle singing ‘I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)’… absolutely superb, and the definition of pure sensuality in music … need a cold shower after that one…


Peter Gabriel

So - 24/48



One of my favourites. The Chieftains with various female guests,“Tears of Stone”. Recording quality is superb and every track is worth a listen. Joni’s updated version of her own song is particularly stunning. A good test of your system if it can identify 3 separate female voices on the track by the Rankins.

“Never Give All the Heart” (Anúna and Brenda Fricker)
“A Stór Mo Chroí” (Bonnie Raitt)
“The Lowlands of Holland” (Natalie Merchant)
“The Magdalene Laundries” (Joni Mitchell)
“Jimmy Mó Mhíle Stór” (The Rankin Family)
“I Know My Love” (The Corrs)
“Factory Girl” (Sinéad O’Connor)
“Deserted Soldier” (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
“Ye Rambling Boys of Pleasure” (Loreena McKennitt)
“Sake in the Jar” (Akiko Yano)
“Raglan Road” (Joan Osborne)
“Siúil A Rún” (Sissel Kyrkjebø)
“The Fidding Ladies” (Natalie MacMaster, Eileen Ivers, Máire Breatnach, and Annbjørg Lien)
“Danny Boy” (Diana Krall)



Once in a lifetime-Live - CD Rip

My favourite Runrig album.



One of the great albums of these guys. Creative idea to simulate modern electronic music by amplified jazz trio…
Have seen them live two times and it’s bringing you in a trance this type of music…


Eric Clapton

Journeyman - CD Rip



I can do with some advice from Lindsay, Eoin, Gazza or anyone about whether I buy this set which does seem to be inexpensive on the river. I like folk and acoustic guitar more than really heavy stuff. Prefer vocal accompaniment to none. I’ve never heard of Robin Trower before. Old enough to remember the Shadows!

Thanks in advance



Hi Phil, it’s bluesy rock from a trio, it’d be worth checking out a couple of tracks before buying. The Bridge of Sighs album is on Youtube and will give you a good feel. I think he’s a fine exponent of blues/folk influenced rock.



Although I have never met Mr Tibbs, I know he used to contribute sometimes to the old forum…A couple of cracking vinyl albums on which he plays:

Roxy Music - Manifesto
Which is quite possibly my all time favourite, and

Roxy Music - Flesh & Blood

I’m having a one man Gary Tibbs On Bass festival. I can still recall a converstation with my PhD studying flatmate, Steve, at university in 1981. Steve (earnestly): “You know Tibbs has left Roxy don’t you? for Adam and The Ants. I mean, why would you?”
Much nodding and eye-rolling ensued. It seems possible that ale had been taken.

We thought we knew it all. We knew nowt!