What are you preparing for dinner tonight?

Dinner in the sunny garden yesterday evening - a starter of watermelon and feta salad followed by roast chicken with Greek baked vegetables and tzatziki. Then apricots poached in dessert wine with mascarpone. Drunk with The Society’s Greek White obvs.


A real treat - wife and kids away for a few days, so my favourite: steak sandwich and a bottle of red. Steak was far too big for the job - shame. Steak cooked on the Kamado, ciabatta “toasted” on a griddle pan. Heaven.


Mmmm … the whole whole house smells of rich Korma, friends are on they’re way over. A Riesling cooling in the fridge and sipping on a Hacker-Schorr while we relax, prior to their arrival.
We’re serving Samosas for an appetiser with chutney, of course, and I’ll fry up a few Parathas as a side and we always serve Korma with chopped Coriander and a dish of plain, natural yogurt.
Can hardly wait …

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This is a pic of the Korma in the preceding post.
Still cooking down a bit. Chicken - with some cauliflower and diced carrot added.
Rice is cooked with some cloves in it.


A one tray dish of cod loin baked with roast Jersey royals, chorizo, peas and broad beans. Flavoured with lemon zest and fennel seed. The broad beans are from my allotment and are wonderful. Drunk with a white Rioja


A tangent but has anyone noticed an increased tendency for egg yolks to break these days?

I don’t store mine in the fridge and they are supposedly fresh, yet typically I’m finding 20-30% are breaking whereas I found barely any would break in the past.


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Same here. Which is even more annoying when making Gelato and you’re separating 14 yolks for the base😠

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Deconstructed Stroganoff.
I grill two Sirloin steaks and slice them over Rice Dressed with Mushroom Stroganoff and Garnish with tiny split down Steamed Broccoli Florets. :yum:
I’ll try and remember to post a picture when I serve it up, but no promises as it generally doesn’t last long…:joy:
Picture as promised…


I have definitely found the egg shells to be more thicker recently.
Perhaps the extra effort to crack them open is causing the yolk trauma ?

There is variation amongst my birds’ eggs. I don’t give them extra grit as they are free range around the whole garden. Their shells are not fragile, but sometimes crack more easily than others.

Eggscellent. Our Sainsbury’s haven’t had eggs for about four weeks


Mrs deeg is currently low carb so baked courgette ‘pizza’s’ topped with goats cheese and olives.


That looks nice👍

And simple… bake the halved courgettes to dry them out abit, spread with diluted tomato purée, a pinch of chilli flakes and some dried oregano… top with black olives and goats cheese , return to the oven to toast the topping abit… a Mrs Deeg find so can’t claim the credit.

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Friends and family around for a Father’s Day lunch today. Bruschetta with allotment broad beans followed by a Middle Eastern spiced shoulder of lamb cooked on top of potatoes and fennel plus a roasted pepper and anchovy salad. Finished with the finest pudding known to mankind - allotment gooseberry crumble drowned in double cream


That all looks really lovely. But that roasted pepper and anchovy salad looks like that was the main attraction.

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I did the lamb and potatoes/fennel but the peppers and anchovies made by my daughter who is a great cook. Absolutely delicious. This is the recipe


Today’s starter was carpaccio with chanterelles, spring onions, tomatoes, basil and parmesan.


The main course was asparagus with homemade hollondaise sauce with Gran Reserva Serrano. There were potatoes too. I’m not a fan though, so I only ever take an alibi potato.


Roast beef beans/Parmesan cauliflower mash and a mushroom sauce.