What are you preparing for dinner tonight?

It’s over-rated.

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Dam right it is, but someone has to has to do it. So far the dogs only willing to kick them.

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Ok, this was last nights offering.
Bratwurst and beans with pasta


I remember when I was a fresher in Edinburgh and went into a chippy with some of my new friends. I asked for Steak Pie and chips and coudn’t believe my eyes when they fried the pie! Must have been drunk, because I still ate it.

I was going to make a pizza for tea (dinner to the posh people) - easy and better than most of the ones I’ve had when eating out. However, SWMBO has decided to make a batch of meatloaf, so I’ll do that on Monday instead.


Lamb lasagna tonight … slow cooked mince with herbs and wine. Apologies to purists but I’m using pre cooked sheets. It’s cooling now, but will be better tomorrow.


Looks fabulous.

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Family bbq this evening.


Bread pudding with custard


Have decided to serve barbecued sirloin as a tagliata this evening. As a side I am going to dress Jersey Royals with this wild garlic pesto I just made. As wild garlic is a native UK plant I decided to do a ‘British’ version of pesto with hazelnuts, rapeseed oil and cheddar - tastes pretty good!


That’s making my mouth water, looks gorgeous.


The finished product - tagliata for 2 with Jersey Royals and wild garlic pesto


Some olive oil inside?

Indeed - rocket is dressed with olive oil and lemon juice

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Had 4 trimmed lamb neck strips marinating in a rose harissa paste and thought about making two meals out of them.
This one is to roast some vegetables for 15 or so minutes, then pop the strips on top of the veg and roast for another 10 minutes. Then let rest for 5. Hoping the juices mingle and the lamb pinkish and tender.
Another time braising the other two in a slow and low sauce. Shall look forward to what turns out better - as long as I don’t mess it up…

Turned out yummy.
The rose harissa I used was nowhere near as nice as a harissa paste I used before on chicken. That had plenty of star anise which I love. Next time.

Low and slow sauce will have star anise in it, could clinch it…


Barnsley chop this evening.
Here’s something my aunt sent me.


:+1: :+1: :joy:

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Roast pork and baked veggies. A Sunday lunch on a Saturday night. Sorry with crackling.


Well seasoned Haimburgers ready to go on the grill alongside carrots and zucchini. Will be served with a vegetable and a potato salads. The beer is going to be Brooklyn Lager.