What beer are you drinking and WHY might anyone be interested?


Also in my drinks cabinet at home, excellent refreshing with hints of a taste of summer.


Sad that St Austell chose to reduce Proper Job’s ABV to 4.5% for the cask version, to “accommodate the requirements of session drinking” (I.e. increased sales and less duty). The bottled variety, at the original 5.5% ABV, has distinctly more ‘oomph’!


Over Christmas I had a beer advent calendar. One of the surprise beers was this one, the balance of hops an citrus was very well executed:

Whilst on the other hand, this one was undrinkable…



Had it been any stronger I would have got something else…


On to my second Drygate Bear face Lager for today… refreshing


Except that when out for a drink, greater ‘oomph’ in the form of alcohol reduces the number of I can drink! Provided the taste is not adversely affected, I prefer lower alcohol unless just having a swift pint or two.

It is quite common for bottled to be stronger. I always thought the strength was increased for bottling, rather than reduced for draught - but I don’t know where I heard that.


All this talk about Proper Job…


visiting a different supermarket from normal I discovered this one:

Circadian, by Ringwood Brewery. In the same vein as Proper Job - very refreshing with white intense and lingering hoppy taste (and without that stale hoppy odour some bottled hoppy beers have).

Rather delightful!


Only the good stuff 'round these parts…

Gotta respect a brew whose slogan is “The foam is on the bottom”.


Pale Stale Ale :joy::ok_hand:t3:


A little Tripel Karmeliet for me tonight. First drink after a big Stag do this weekend so though I would go for something easy on the stomach.


I don’t mind the odd Atlantic Pale Ale, not too strong or syrupy, crisp too.


Oh dear, what to have. Another two cracking offerings from 360 Degree in Sussex. Brewed at Sheffield Park just across the lines from the Bluebell Railway…


27/28 degrees in Auckland today. Now there’s an excuse for a drink :grinning::grinning::grinning: It’s more about quantity than quality during the warm summer months :sunglasses:, but my usual Urquell pils or a lager (maybe a Peroni) will do the job. SWMBO will undoubtedly ask how many i actually need to “quench my thirst”
Although it doesn’t fix the frustration of Tidal dropouts!!!

Cheers :beers::beers::beers:


Ay Up in the Horse and Jockey, Lichfield. One of my favourites.


Only a few can reach that spot when strong Belgium brews are not at hand, and the champ has its own charms that are hard to follow.


Bit of a crisis here. It’s Saturday and the beer fridge is empty…


I must admit to letting my car run so low the mileage left shows the dashed lines but my beer fridge… Thats a different story!


Wakachangi is good local lager in New Zealand. According the packaging it is “made from 100% free roaming hops. Once a year when the norwest wind blows from the south, the hops are milked by hand by monks who travel around in a maxi-taxi”. I not sure if I believe that, but the beer is pleasant enough.


James Squire The Chancer, great golden ale and a nice way to wind down on a summers evening.