What is the latest music you've downloaded where did you buy it and in what resolution?

Ianai | Sunir | Qobuz | 24/44.1 | FLAC
Thanks to @PaulM and @gthack for recommending this one on the 'listening to thread. I gave it a try on Qobuz streaming and it’s right up my street.


Glad that you enjoyed it Steve; it is great to continue to find these sort of gems - lots of good stuff out there & not enough time :smiling_face:


Absolutely, Paul.


Wonderful Mahler 4th, recently released. Great entertainment for my 69th Birthday. Bought as download from Presto Classical.


Hybrid | Dog Star
Pre- ordered for September 26th, just a 3 track EP but good to get more from them.

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Pink Floyd Animals Remix 196/24 WAV from HD Tracks.


The Black Angels | Wilderness of Mirrors | bandcamp | 24/96 | FLAC

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Pink Floyd | Animals (2018 Remix) | Qobuz | 24/192 | FLAC


Hybrid | Dog Star | bandcamp | 24/48 | FLAC
Pre-ordered for 23rd September

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Also considering buying it ) how does it sound?

Had another listen last night and still thought the same as the first listen, it’s an excellent remix. It highlights what can be done with some of these older/original albums and more than likely how they’d sound if recorded today. I don’t quite get the lack of warmth or loss of that darkness some have mentioned but I wouldn’t criticise or disregard their opinions as these things are personal. I think both mixes have their plus and minus’ the good thing is most of us have both. As for the remix it is cleaner and I think made for a decent hi fi, nothing can change Waters or make him instantly optimistic it’s still a very dark journey one for me just sounds a hell of a lot better.

Vieux Farka Toure & Khruangbin | Ali | Qobuz | 24/96 | FLAC
Because it was nearly £3 cheaper than downloading from bandcamp!


Bywater Call | Remain | Qobuz | 24/48
As recommended by @ewemon for those that enjoy Tedeschi Trucks, this has rave reviews in Canada and beyond so it was a no brainer for me.

Buddy Guy | The Blues Don’t Lie | Qobuz | 24/44.1 | FLAC

Beth Orton | Weather Alive | Qobuz | 24/96 | FLAC

Bjørn Rijs | A Fleeting Glimpse | Qobuz | 24/44.1 | FLAC