What’s going to happen?

The specific situation is for thousands of New Zealanders that have lost a service agent with 40 year of skin in the game. I’m extremely surprised you are unaware of any local replacements and need to look into it. Awesome.

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To be fair, I would guess it’s a matter for Naim and Focal sales departments, so not something within Clare’s immediate sphere of responsibility. Apart from that, and knowing a little of what happens in such circumstances, arrangements for any changeover may well still be under negotiation on all sides, so Naim may not be able to say anything yet. I’m sure we will know as soon as Naim are free and able to tell us.


I forgot about Mu-so being made in China, the thin edge of the wedge maybe? At least if it were all made there we could get some really cheap parts for diy servicing. :grin:

Id imagine and number of parts are probably sourced out of China you just need to be familiar with the bias of the parts.

I think it would be a safe bet that a fair number of components in most if not all Naim boxes are made in China…

I have the solution: why not send the black boxes to Shenzhen, for service?


As an aside, my Uniti2 needs a new screen and I was advised to not leave it too long to get it done in NZ.

Oh Dear, get it to him asap. I have been told to get servicing booked in by the end of March. Or you MAY end up paying$$$ for postage not to mention the customs drama.

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This has been days now and Naim still can’t confirm the arrangements or anything regarding servicing in NZ after the change over. Regardless of any corporate conflict I can’t believe that this wasn’t considered as part of any deal.

Naims silence is staggering, sorry guys poor form.

A simple yes it’s true or no we’ve made arrangements surly that’s not breaking any rules. Can’t be that hard can it.


To tell you the truth I don’t think (it looks like) Naim UK have finalised that just yet. So they don’t have an answer. When the June deadline arrives I guess we will all know but until then we have to be patient.
I would imagine the new importer will be involved in the servicing down under.

I don’t think it would be hard at all, more a matter of not seeming to care about a few insignificant customers on the other side of the world.
I remember reading concerns about a change in direction back when Naim and Focal merged back in 2011, I guess profit has to be the priority.

Even it’s that’s so Maim can stipulate that servicing has to be part of any deal, tbh I would have thought that’s a no brainer. Think some one said it earlier it’s not rocket science.

I’m very sure it’s simple enough to pre-form a service, just the little tricks these guys know like bend the cap a little that way then wrap the cable tie this tight. Many years of wisdom/improvements may be lost with a new agent.
At the end of the day Naim Audio answer to their parent company and the share holders and that’s that’s. We have no skin in it other than what we already have. So like it or get lost is my take from Naim to atm.
I was told by a friend yesterday servicing will continue as it gives a chance for the box to be sold and replaced with a nice shiny new one. Lovely system eh.

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Maybe when you have a Business telling you it’s all strawberries and ice cream and yes yes yes we can do it we have the facilities the problem is solved. Anyway it’s not a problem yet. This is all subject of a course…

There seems to be a blame Naim mood here, which might be justified -or might not. Are people certain that the distributor in NZ hasn’t simply decided they don’t want to carry on? E.g. perhaps the same guy’s done it for the 40 years someone mentioned, and wants to retire, and perhaps in his leaving the business others may be of a mind to take it in a different direction. I have no knowledge of the matter, but just pointing out that unless others have certain knowledge, as opposed to speculation, that Naim is the ‘errant’ party, maybe it is not that way at all…

No he wasn’t happy when he lost Aus and I’m sure he’s not happy losing NZ (were he’s based). It’s not about blame in my opinion, Naim has to make decisions that it feels are in its best interest regardless of wether we like it or not. It’s the loss of experienced retailers and the concerns about servicing that’s making people nervous. Naim could put an end to it by simply reassuring its loyal customers their intentions re servicing after the new guys take control, instead they’re allowed this to fester and gain a life of its own.

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Yes. Dealers too.

We have skin in the game, as in, without customers, there is no money to be made.

Whether more money can be made by refocusing the business towards the lifestyle end of the game and reduce a focus on the high end, is another matter entirely.

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Yes can confirm from somebody close to it, Naim pulled the plug. Apparently It’s been a rocky road over the last while and this is the end. The Audio company has picked up some very competitive other brands and all is going well, just would
love to know the plan for servicing NZ. That’s it in a nut shell, been able to access this awesome Naim sponsored forum :+1:I’m sure they are aware and will let the Kiwi fan club know at their convenience. :pray:
Probably later than sooner I’m guessing.

I think it’s a bit more than just about servicing though. There’s knowledge of the range, availability of stock, the ability of home trialing before purchase, warranty replacements etc.