What to Do With All the Ripped CD"s

I was wondering what people do once they’ve ripped their CD’s? Do people sell them or store them in the loft… then there are those box sets which maybe have a few cd’s a DVD, a Blu-ray etc. As you can see I am new to this so just trying to get organised. Can you rip home recordered R’s and RW’s?

Strictly speaking it’s illegal to rip CDs in the UK, and it’s certainly illegal to use rips and sell the originals, so really you should keep them.
The legislation for this is rarely, if ever enforced in practice, and I dare say many people get away with it.

Frankly I’d just box them but in alphabetical order so if you get a file that goes corrupt it’s easily retrieved.




I put mine on display… Still the best way of idly looking through the collection for something to play…


Mine are going to head into the garage in metal flight cases with the booklets and boxed sets staying in the house. Unfortunately the cases I’d identified are currently out of stock so I’m being scowled at.

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This duplicates the other current thread

Perhaps one for @Richard.Dane to consider if they should be merged?

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I store them and think of them as my hard copy back ups!


I gave away lots and dumped the remaining 100 odd into the wheelie bin as I can’t stand clutter.

I suppose a wheelie bin can hide clutter. Do you keep it in the music room?

Oddly clutter doesn’t bother me at all…

I have just put all mine in big plastic boxes and popped hem in the roof.
Not really worth much at the moment, a few pence each?, but you never know in 30 years time they might become fashionable, but probably not

Got mine valued. Mostly 50p to £1.50 but out of around 1,900 there are about 100 with a value in excess of £20 and within those several worth several hundred pounds. None of the latter would have been obvious to me so it’s worth being careful about these things.

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Too late IB. System can’t move them anymore.

That post mentioning value prompts a thought: do remember that for insurance purposes the value is how much they cost to buy - unless you make a specific arrangement with your insurance company that you don’t want them included in your home contents insurance (e.g. insurance would seem unnecessary if you have rips with a copy stored off-site). Ditto LPs.

otherwise there is a risk in the event of a claim, even for something else, that the insurance company inspecting after a loss may see the CDs and if judged to be under-insured if would affect the amount paid for anything.

Oh well, worth the suggestion!

To the OP, if may be worth viewing the other thread as well, linked in my previous post.


In the loft

Keep mine on a shelf in the corner. Even though they are all ripped and i rarely play them now i could never sell them. Each one is a memory of when it was purchased

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The original poster doesn’t really want me to answer that, does he?

They’re part of the furniture!


I keep mine available on a Boltz rack in my bedroom, since my vehicle has a six CD changer in it, I still use them.