What upgrade will Santa bring you for Christmas?

Nigel, Thanks. Blue Jean Cat 6a patch and everywhere?


The combination of cables connecting the 2960 pairs is also varied. Darkbear, a chap who’s opinion I respect is using a mixture of cheap Ethernet cables and Vodka in his 2 Cisco switch chain to good effect, so that is where I will start.

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I’ve been a good boy all year and Santa is bringing me an NDX 2. It might not come down the chimney so I’ll have to pick it up :grinning:


Get a trial of Qobuz and Roon. Great on NDX2 :+1:t3:

Santa (me) is bringing me a Chord Mscaler on the 21st, to go with my TT2… and a Harbeth demo.

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I’m super curious about your Naim NBL crossover service
I would love to learn what they offer for such a thing
I have DBL’s which could benefit if they do such a service

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which harbeth are you considering. I bought m30.1 in rosewood several years ago, without auditioning but based on multiple reviews/comments. I’ve been very happy with them. At the time, i was not able to get about or audition, but it worked out well. Anyway, hope you find the right up-grades and enjoy

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The 30.1’s are the ones I want to demo, I heard the P3esr’s a couple of weeks ago, and loved them. There is a dealer in Toronto, near where I am picking up the Mscaler that carries Harbeth. I actually might give him a call tomorrow, to let him know the day I am coming through, and hopefully he can arrange to have the 30.1 or .2’s hooked up for me.

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If you liked the p3 chances are the 30’s will sound very good. Both are very well rounded speakers, but the 30’s should be a fuller sound. They can be a bit “polite” , taking the grit off some music, but the trade-off is they can be listened to for a long time with no fatigue and (hopefully enjoyment). I finally saw and heard the 40’s several weeks ago- a big jump, but also in price and size - I’d only seen pictures and never realized how much larger they are. I was able to get the 30’s a bit out into the room and did not find them difficult to place. Any way happy hunting (and listening)

That’s what I am hoping benjy, I have gone through quite a few different speakers in the last 6-8 years, but nothing I heard before just clicked with me instantly like the P3’s. I am pretty sure this Harbeth dealer might have the 40’s also, but they are way above what I want to spend, or need, for that matter…but I will have a listen if possible.

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The 40’s were not under consideration - price alone was prohibitive, but the size of them surprised me. Most specs (i think) have been metric - so not easily calculated by me (in the U.S.) and photos are usually scaled to the same size, so the true size is not visible. I was lucky enough to get my 30’s from someone who was trading up to the 40’s. He apparently was constantly changing equipment so i was able to get the 30’s in the rosewood i wanted at a very fair price - plus it was relatively local so he even delivered and set-up. At the time I was confined to a wheelchair - so that made a huge difference in deciding.

Liking the Qutest. Might upgrade the Shawline to Reference or Sarum. Might have a higher priority in another part of the woods. But the streaming channel is due for an upgrade.

You know the white one sounds better, right?

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After a long time considering how useful a streamer is to me, an NDS.


Probably, but that one is brand new and costed me 70 eur. White ones not found under 230.

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Happiness. Knowing my system is now perfectly balanced.


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Titan Audio Electria & mains block - wife said I can i have them earlier so on the system - Electria on NDX is outstanding!

What a spoil sport, couldn’t wait till Christmas! :joy:

@popeye i think the better half could see me like a big kid and the results are :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

if you have any streamer other than ND555, with out a PSU I strongly adivse a demo of the Electria cable thats all I am saying and be perpared to step back

Interesting, I am being bought 2 Powerlines for Christmas! :disappointed:

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