What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2022?

They are indeed - amazing little speaker , love ‘em , keepers forever

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Second pair DBLs


As in 2 pairs of dibbles? One more and you can do surround.

Thanks BBWan. It’s funny that I was that person that had steered away from black speakers until now. This is my third pair of kudos and likely endgame as I am not keen on floorstanders. All I would say is if you think you want a pair - do not listen to them until the money is burning a hole in your pocket. Resistance is useless! All the best.

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I finally got the Alpha NR v.2 installed on my amp, I have Alpha XE V.2 feeding my Shunyata Denali.

I am blown away. I’ve never before had the “I’m hearing things I never heard before experience” but I have now ! Holy Sxxt these cords made so much of an impact and improvement it’s shocking. It’s the biggest improvement I can ever remember happening. I would say if anyone here has a top shelf system to try these cords. If anyone has a Shunyata dealer try and get a home trial of a Shunyata PLC and a couple of the Alpha v.2 cables you will be amazed at what you hear. It’s not subtle. It is slap in the face obvious.

Hi Bevo.
I’m already using a new 202/200DR arrived early this year. The Sats really shine with 202/200DR. These two will go in the other system with S400 or viceversa. I’m still waiting for the HC DR i ordered last Feb.
I bought this used 200 the 202 is a from LASA service centre, it’s already serviced. Mr. Lotti being aware that my beloved Nait XS was on sale, will take this along with the CD5XS like gift for his daughter. To match the 200, i bought the 202 from a dealer in UK, it’s a '14 build in mint condition.

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This is in a non Naim system right?

Good stuff rsch

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Correct. Although I don’t believe that matters

New scales.


Since Munich didn’t bring a 372, I saved myself the €1,000 for exchange my Nova for the 372. I started improving the gold note PH-10 and testing the PSU here. Great. Nice improvement. Unfortunately, my bird broke its nose. Already the second :slightly_frowning_face:


My bezzie @Endon has just visited for the weekend and rather generously has given me a present of a HiFi Racks walnut headphone stand for my Meze 99 Classics (in walnut)


Good idea to invest in vinyl :+1:

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So now I’ve had a chance to properly try the witch hat phantoms and have a very limited go with the ks1 I have come to some conclusions. First I’m still surprised how much of a difference speaker cable can make.

Unfortunately for me the whp just don’t work in my specific room the extra detail I initially observed quickly felt like overemphasising of vocals which lead them to sound sharp often. Sound seemed more forward but almost too much, music also seemed faster to the point of sounding frenzied. I think I now understand what people mean when they say something is “fatiguing”.

Will say the cables are brilliant quality and I can see how someone who prefers detail over everything would enjoy them as they are very clear. Pretty sure I will be contacting my dealer about ordering the ks1 but want to keep them in a few days then compare to my original QED cables to confirm first.


How long did you burn them in for?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

May not have been long enough I admit but have accumulated a good number of hours over the last week as I’m able to have music on for much of the day. If witch hat say they need longer I’ll just put them on super low but considering how much I don’t like the effect they are having I don’t see further burn in completely changing my perception of the music. If I liked them in general but had the occasional issue I’d definitely want to give them longer but that isn’t the case. I wish I had liked them because they are well made and it would make life simpler.

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Network Acoustics AG streaming cable 1.5m arrived today lightly used. Now on the look out for the obligatory ENO filter.


Witch Hat says the typical burn in time for the Phantom is around 10-14 days (in every day use).
WH quote: “During the burn in time, the performance can vary leading to it sometimes sounding harsh and overbright. This should settle down after around two weeks.”

Just that you’re aware and not disqualified them too quick. The above is my experience too.


I get what you are saying but its not like there are just rough patches, I wasn’t sure if I liked them from the beginning and its just become more certain over time. Where as most people who liked them on here seemed to have liked them from the start and then go through rough moments till they sorted out. It could be that they just don’t gel with my speakers. They are definitely different from my qed cables its just for me its not a good different. I’m glad you enjoying them though.