What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2022?

Sure, just need to find a way of communicating.

Have got a second one now as well, originally had on vintage Densen B400+ CD player but that is rarely used so moved to the amps.

Now have one on the power and the pre (Densen b300 and b100 respectively), seems to have added a bit of everything to the entire frequency range.

The power to the cabin has a bit of a convoluted route so might not be ideal, hence the audiolab dc blockers might have more of a role to play.

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One of you has to give permission to Richard Dane to pass on your E-mail address to the other.


On Saturday a lovely pre owned 552DR landed at HiFiman towers :grinning:

Serviced and DR’d in 2019.


Seems like quite a few preloved 552’s showing up on the Forum…hmm
Good news for the new owners as it is a wonderful preamp but could a replacement be in the works?

Possibly look the same but mine are home made…

Do note that the body and engine of the blue and bronze are different. I’m sure what you have sounds great (I suspect the stylus would make the biggest difference), and it’s a really good choice you made for an upgrade, but it’s not the same as a “full” bronze.

While all styli are interchangeable, the red and blue share one body, the bronze and black the other.

Plus, it’s nice to see a few more Technics decks here lately.

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Hi, thanks for the comments and yes, my father was aware of the differences and the possibilities to mix and match. But as you mentioned, the upgrade is certainly apparent and he has achieved far more than he expected. Goodness knows how the bronze cartridge performs?

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These sound really good. Modest looks, detailed, spacious sound.

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Thank you Nigel, will sort something out. I am now going through the same process as you did in November with my new (to me) NAP500DR. It was DR’d in 2017 and just serviced. I have the standard cables but I am already smiling after 3 days and 30 hours use. Looking forward to hearing things develop in the coming days and weeks.

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Hi John, I have asked Andy to pass my contact details to you, hope this is OK?

Thanks, I’ll contact you when I receive it.

Evaluating still but find it improving the sound when in my power strip but not as much directly into the wall. I have a DC blocker before my power strip and read that if you have some sort of power management you should place it after it. It seems to bring more definition in the bass in my system and greater separation/width/depth. Will make my final call this weekend. I normally let optimization products sit for a week or two before pulling them out.

Very impressed with your handiwork, looks fantastic. I got my HiFi Racks gear back in 2011, I found my receipt from AudioT today and it looks like they may have gone up in price quite a bit in the intervening years :open_mouth: of course, things are a little more bearable pricewise if you buy 2-3 shelves and then add further as your system expands, which I have done, but regardless your 550GBP outlay is fantastic value and looks amazing.

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Looks very similar to the English Electric that lots of people have but slightly cheaper. Do you know if they are effectively the same switch with a different badge?

Thought I’d treat new P8 and Qutest to some new RCA / DIN cables. It might be the placebo effect but there’s defo more bass.


I own it, and think it’s a truly great cartridge. Many prefer it to the black. But I have not been able to compare it to that stylus with a red/black body. So who knows how big and audible that difference is.

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That I am not sure of

No worries

I thought they were the same with the exception of the CHORD case. A search on here will no doubt answer.

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