What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2022?

I think you can post that, but if in doubt, you could just give us the name?

The worst that can happen is it gets removed.

I like this guy. He doesn’t act like a know-it-all git. And sure, his videos are aimed at people with zero understanding. He gives the Cliff Notes of the Cliff Notes, so I am sure the pedants here will love to tear him to shreds.

FWIW, I’m not inclined to ever buy a grounding device. But for people who do, well they aren’t spending my money so honestly, if they’re happy, then I’m happy.

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The Stereophile review of the Entity 1.1 is now up online, you can google it.

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Same experience with my Entreq ground boxes. Could not live without them. Controversial for many but I always encourage people to give it a go. Most that do never return it.

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I think my dealer has this worked out. Just borrow this he says…


Popped into my local Naim dealer earlier and was shown the Leema Acoustics Antila CD Player. A Welsh company. Didn’t hear it but the chaps in the store reckon it’s superb and better than the existing Naim CD products. Not cheap - almost £4k. Anyone had a listen or has purchased it?


It’s okay but vocals are missing all the vowels.


The PS555 DR has been delivered…and it delivers.


Elaborate @sailorck
I have same source

The 555PS DR is powered on since 24 hours and got just delivered from the factory while the S-XPS Burndy is in place for about 18 month (kept the one from my XPS DR). Burndy is destressed, not under tension and hangs 100% free. 555 is placed on a isolation board as was the XPS, so the setup is as it should be.

First impressions are: more and larger soundstage, more details and the musical representation is less bound to the speakers, letting the speakers disappear. Also more details on the lower end. All positive. I am a little bit irresolute about the low end of things: the XPS DR seems to have more authority on the lower end, maybe a little bit like a loudness effect. This is gone. Using the 555 I have to / can turn the volume up a little bit more. The bass seems to be more controlled!?
I was a little bit concerned that the 555 will put even more power to the bass section, which did not happen. Some people report that the 555 delivers just more of everything which seems not the case for me (i.e. not more loudness). I guess this is good regarding the loudness effect.

Will the sound of the 555PS DR change over an extended burn-in period or am I all set since the S-XPS cable is already burned in?

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New HiCap DR just delivered to power my recently purchased 282. Settling in now. Door’s not closed to a possible future 252/SCDR but, probably, that’s it for components (unless I get a good line on a Hugo TT2, or there’s a Qutest replacement - SuperQute, maybe??). Next, in a while, will be some proper racking and maybe some mains conditioning - but that’s an expensive rabbit hole in itself. Hopefully, now, those who yelled ‘Mullet’ at me a year ago when I started will realise that there was at least a hint of method in my madness as I could never afford my wonderful W-Bs now, had I started source first and left speakers until last…


Great system, pragmatic approach. Enjoy!

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I would hope at £4k it is better.

This is why I think Naim would benefit from a CD transport , to take advantage of all those wonderful DACs in the streamers


I’m full fat vinyl these days. I have a legacy CD collection which I don’t wish to give up but, irrationally, I rarely play. No plans to get a new CD player, but it was an interesting discussion with the dealer as to why Naim has vacated this space to others. There is evident demand in this area.

To be clear, I’m no futurologist :grinning:


It’s odd how we change over time. I have just traded in my CD5Si as part ex on a new turntable set up and I still have over 1,000 CDs to sell on Discogs. Now I find vinyl and streaming are my go to options. Streaming lets me listen to a lot of varied stuff (and pretty much 99% of what I have on CD) and if I really really like something then I make a vinyl purchase.

But for dedicated listening, I go to vinyl. Listening to a 1980 reissue of Hunky Dory on the new set up and it sounds wonderful.