What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2022?

Witch Hat Morgana XLR / DIN for my NAP 250DR, bought used with a decent saving on RRP.

Quickly plugged it in but no time to test until back from the pub later so will no doubt annoy the neighbours with Nirvana - MTV Unplugged.


“until I get back from the pub”

Well, at least we know where your priorities are…


Just bought a Stageline N. We’ll give it a go with the Elys 2 and see how we get on.

Just connected a BK XXLS400 to the back of my SL2s

Also a good friend is calling over this weekend to fine tune with REW etc (he’s owned subs for decades) but for now I’ve managed to blend in the sub using my old lugs.


Chord PowerHAUS M6. Combined with my recently acquired custom-made OePhi RCA-DIN and a Sarum T DIN-XLR snapped up at a bargain price on eBay they have transformed my system. So much more depth to the soundstage and even my cloth ears can easily hear just how much more ‘grip’ my 282/250DR have on the music. Expensive, yes, but so worth it.


PRoject RPM 4 paid pennies for it👍


My Witches Hat Morgana turned up this morning and already installed.



……and it sounds good but I didn’t listen to something before swapping it so like all these tweaks they’re hard to judge. It does sound a little louder though I’m not sure if it’s the cable or the album.

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Got the pre- loved Star set up in the games room and are really pleased with it. Wondering whether to stick with the old AR 22BX speakers, as there is a set of Mordaunt-Short MS25i tower speakers in black ash available locally at a bargain :flushed:


Nice! I have several. Great chairs and they usually run a $500 off deal once or twice a year, which is independent of any dealer discount

Obvious question Pete - why didn’t you listen to original cable you had mate?

Couldn’t wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No I forgot, to make matters worse I disconnected the wrong cable and it took about 1/2 hour to work out what I’d done.

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Ha ha well I couldn’t even do that so at least you are well ahead of me

What cable did the witch hat replace ?

They can sound louder but eventually that subsides as they burn in.

Nice. I’m betting the MS-25i’s will sound lovely with the Star…

The one from the super cap to the power amp.

Still sounds pretty good, :+1:

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Have you heard those speakers @Stephen_Tate?

Yes, it was a very long time ago though. I remember them being quite transparent but also fun sounding. They are a model from the early 90s so they could be getting on a bit now, maybe that’s consideration.

I’m just guessing that’s all. Maybe worth a whirl?

When i worked at Goodmans Loudspeakers (under the same factory roof as Mordaunt-Short/Epos in those days), i remember the drive units that went into the MS-25i’s as being of very high quality, far higher than many other speakers at their budget.

The only thing that would put me off is their bi-wire terminals, but that’s just me.