What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2022?

Just for a change, instead of different cables arriving at the house in mysterious boxes the better half can now gaze upon odd shaped glass bulb like things!

This one is a rather nice Telefunken ECC82 NOS Valve!


I wish they had made more half box units , a CD transport/Uniti Qute/DAC V1/ NAP100, I just think it was all envisaged as desk top when it could have been a decent half width system.

I’m using a UnitiQute as a DAC, but I also have an Olive CD player -I think they would make a super second system


“With leather, you’ll luv it”……………FZ

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Ordered Farad Super3 to go with my EE8 switch after reading some great experiences from others. Will go up against ifi ipowerx.


I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed. Their matching cables are excellent too.

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I added Level 1 copper. Not sure I need more silver in my system but we’ll see :blush:

Any recommendations?

Linear power supply for my Asus Modem/router to help improve streaming from Qobuz


I’m interested to hear your impressions.


Chord Signature TA RCA-DIN for Aura to 252.


Deleted, please remove.

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Really nice NAC72, NAP140 and a Hicap, shoebox nirvana…


A Network Acoustics MUON Ethernet Filter to go between my Rossini Apex and Dan D’Agostino Progression.

I fancied trying one of these next year, but couldn’t resist the Black Friday discount.



Early Christmas present


I have the Level 2 copper + their power cable. I compared L1 & L2 back-to-back and the uplift was obvious and worth the extra cost imo. However, the fuse upgrade is at least as good, if not better. I have the SR Purple. I didn’t compare the power cable with others. Just went along with it.

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After a long hiatus with just a couple of Sonos 5s, an SN3, ND5 XS2, Rega 3 and fabulous (for their diminutive size) Brigadier MU2s.

To hold and play the music an Audiostore Prestige, with thanks to the superbly helpful Martin at Audiostore who helped a novice get it all set up and working (surprisingly easily).


Apart from this post, I am not using the internet today. In particular I am not going to look at any deals/discounts/too good to be true offers!!

I might spend a few mins on Bandcamp though X)


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I’m really pleased with what they do. A very revealing cable, but not at the expense of being artificially bright. I’ve never really noticed ‘burn in’ with other cables but things took a bit of a downturn earlier in the week sounding rather soft and veiled but now sounding fine again. My system is usually very consistent in its day to day performance so that’s all I can put it down to.

Apart from looking like my KDSM has a couple of white hydraulic hoses connected to it, they are really rather good :+1:

Enjoy your new Selekt - that looks like a very flexible bit of kit with some great options, especially with the new PS and mono Organik DAC modules.


Knew you’d like them. I’ve not “heard” anything that gets so completely out of the way.

Next up, you should just try a Music mains cable. :grin:

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Yep. That describes them nicely.

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Hi, did you manage to compare the U1 Mini to the U2 Mini? Is there any noticeable difference between the two?