What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Picked up this yesterday. It is a close to mint Nait 1 with complete box. Only played 200 hours after recapping in Salisburyfive years ago. Photo by kjetil200.


I had an 82 with two Hi Caps, now upgraded to a 52 / Supercap, my speakers are B & W 802 Nautilus

I had both the 52 and Supercap serviced at Salisbury, and the Burndy re terminated at the same time.

Now a week in, the sound is developing and improving each day it seems, and

I’m very happy with it !


Puresound P20 phono amplifier
I traded in my P10 for it .
Could not resist it, it’s lovely, superb build quality and fit and finish.


The internal DAC produces a very bright sound, today I Am trying it as a transport and I Will give some feedback.

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That’s interesting (re: Apple Music native app). So it is possible.

@Naim I, and I’m sure, a lot of users would like this on the latest gen streamers. I know you can’t talk about plans/future products, but count me as a +1 asking for this.

I’m tired of Airplay2. It’s fine, but nothing great, and streaming lossless through the TV requires the TV to be on (I don’t always want that) and it’s resampled to 48Khz. Meh!



An update on this reply, in the context of my systems, I was unsuccessful to integrate the Eversolo, I will probably send it back and I will justify why.

All my systems are based on focal speakers, naim gear, denon gear, ifi dac’s, focal headphones one of them the utopia, and the Eversolo did not integrate well because sounds very bright on the internal dac, really bright, as a transport by usb to the ifi dac’s pro idsd and DSD Gryphon the same characteristic is present and I felt even a degradation in the sound.

The balanced XLR outputs to a pair is focal solo 6be amplified speakers sounded very low on volume and not an amazing presentation or rewarding experience, but this speakers are connected with more expensive gear and normally have an SOtM SMS 200 ultra feeding an ifi pro iDSD the diference was so big between both that made me feel this Eversolo or is defective or the hype is just that, too much hype.

The sound of the Eversolo is really not working for me.

The positives are the software and great format support, the screen is very informative and beautiful, lots of connection and configuration possibilities, fast experience, good look of the Eversolo, construction is nothing amazing but is ok.

The eversolo for me is a beautiful add on with solid user experience with an incompatible sound result on my systems, and I Am thinking maybe this unit is defective.

For the price of this master edition 1300 euros I expected at least to be on par with an ifi XDSD Gryphon that cost 600 euros, in my case the gryphon is a better sounding experience.

Take into account that this are only my own conclusions on my systems, rooms and gear associated, this does not mean that every one has the same experience or results, I also will ask the dealer to take a look on the unit to see if this unit is 100%, and if it is I can not recommend it.


Lovely system :+1:

Just back from a trip to the UK and added something towards my retro system.

Almost there.


The cabling looks terrible from this angle, but somehow it’s not touching and it hangs freely.


I had a Yamaha THX amp for years and it got me through some long snowed in winters. One of their older monsters in gold brush. It had normal banana plugs though. Are the new ones different?

These have bare wire connections, I didn’t want to spend money on anything other than a 5 channel amp. I mainly want to bring the dialogue forward as Mrs Pete has trouble hearing vocals. I’m ever suffering dealer is making me some speaker cables up one end banana and the other with a better option to suit the amp.

I’ve had some amps like that. Tinning the wire works well. But there are also speaker cables with the copper pre-tinned for use in custom installs. I use a 200m drum of DALI custom install cable (I have 11 speakers to wire up) for the opposite arrangement where the amp has banana plugs but the in/on wall speakers all use spring clips. It’s already tinned and ready to go. Strip - twist - insert - done.

As posted on the dedicated thread, a Nait 50 for a second system in a smaller room, and I love it!


The last and very last bit of gear for this year. No, really.

Cirkus bearing, Hercules power supply, Rega RB303 with tungsten counterweight, recently fitted blue belt Rosewood plinth supplied by IQ Audio.

and with ‘in period’ vinyl.

Retro kit complete.

(Probably will watch out for better phono stage though)


Beautiful plinth, love the grain pattern and color!

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Thank you. Sadly not my choice but a wonderful find on a pre loved forum.

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Just arrived this morning…Focal Elegia headphones. Have listened to them for about an hour so far with my iFi Hip-dac and iPhone and so far so good……impressive sense of space and detail. Looking forward to giving them a “proper” listen over the weekend



Having followed “Impasse”, my first thought, referencing actors and film stars, was no, it’s singers, but Britney Spears or Richard Thompson?


Ray Charles.