What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Gorgeous setup!

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Narcom 5 Remote


Just now received the HiLine 5 pin din interconnects


Just got my used demo sample of SL DIN DIN but it’s challenging to understand which side have the grey side. Maybe aging have done its work. One side is however more black I believe and the other looks bit uneven. I’m guessing the side that look deep black (1) is the one going into my 552 and the questionable side (2) goes into my NDS. There is no other way to visually confirm sides? It’s made 2015.


Upgraded my 20 year old klangmodul 3 with very old fuses to klangmodul 4 with new fuses. What a difference with a much cleaner sound.

Have a look here - same thing came up a few days ago.

I Need Help For S.Lumina interconnect - Hi-Fi Corner - Naim Audio - Community

Thanks but my problem is I don’t even clearly see which one is grey :slight_smile: It’s like it’s been top coated with grey and years gone by have removed it. I believe it’s pic 2 but not 100% sure but the end on pic 1 is at least black black in comparison.

It does sound great though. I’ve also had Sarum T in the past but I thought it removed some of the good things with naim and became bit too much HIFI and analytic. My initial impression re Super Lumina is it does sound more like a the better version of Hiline, still naim. Bit like moving from say 250DR to 300DR.

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Have just spied mine and I can only suggest the comparison to be made is against the flexible shielding on the plug itself i.e. this should have remained black(?), so the one which has the different ‘garter sleeve’ (or whatever), should be lighter and at source end.

They don’t make it easy and I find it’s best to tell under strong natural light.

I have never been able to work out which way round to plug mine in - they look identical to me!

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Hm strange. So you have both ends into your 252 then :smile:

Can you hear a difference? If not I wouldn’t worry too much

@geoffC Looks nice - I was investigating a replacement for my intermittently faulty NAC82 remote.
Do you know if the Narcom 5 would work a NAC82?

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Or I’ll paint it and job done :grin:

Mine does.

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Just re-checked mine. The ‘source’ end of the cable is definitely grey although there is not a massive difference. Needed a decent light to differentiate it.

Hi @Ian

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure sorry, one for @Richard.Dane to answer?

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Should be fine on a NAC82.


I went through this before and even in bright sunlight and with a magnifying glass I could discern no difference in the colour. At that time Gazza was also trying Super Lumina and had the same experience. There was a suggestion that the Naim logo on the cable was indicative but I never saw that confirmed. The HiFi Critic review of Super Lumina is clear about the directionality of the speaker cable but frustratingly vague about the interconnect. I cannot find anything about the issue on the Naim website. Given the question does recur, perhaps @Richard.Dane or someone else could provide a definitive statement on this issue and put it in the FAQs, even if it’s only to say that it doesn’t really matter. The latter may be true as I haven’t been aware of anyone claiming to be able to hear a difference!

Yep, might have hoped it could have been sorted……even with a rubber band at one end, SQ permitting😉

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I’ve only ever seen Super lumina DIN-DIN interconnects with the slightly lighter grey end signifying the source end, as shown in this image;

Clive, was yours like this from new?

Thing is I don’t get to see much SL cabling these days (it appeared after my time at the factory). Probably best you get some clarification from Naim here.