What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Things may of got out of hand, I really need to go to AA - Audiophiles Anonymous to seek help…


Seek help. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the Quadraspire racks but with the small floor protectors you run the risk of getting marks in the wood floor when you put all your stuff in place. (Just saying)

Think he already did…
After all, he’s a fully paid up member of this community of addicts :joy:

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I just like having the one system I use for listening to music. All the components my current ones replaced are long gone.


Using 4tb Samsung ssd in the Core with another for backup. Have about 2000 cds and although I started process in January I’ve only ripped about 600.
Partly because of other things diverting me but also because my library is logged in a handwritten book so when I rip an album I make notes against each entry.
Keeps me off the streets.


A job for Stacey Solomon???



I’m afraid you’re still way short of the fine cable dressing benchmark set by Tony M, formerly of this parish.


I seem to recall a thread from about 2020 that positively celebrated bad cable dressing… it was reassuring! :joy:


It’s possible I’ve as many bits but distributed over six systems in as many rooms. Stealth was the key.


I have 782 on the Core now, put 80 on yesterday, but I’m not keeping notes. I’m still backed up on a 2TB HD so that will clearly need to go next!

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Missing……presumed having a good time😉

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Or get more shelving :stuck_out_tongue:

Pushed the button today on a NC222 & 250 to replace my SN3/NDX2. Slightly concerned re the 222 as bought blind but I’m hoping the overall combo will be an uplift - time will tell but I got a deal difficult to refuse.


Please tell me you’re a dealer! :flushed:

My turn :blush:

Traded in my SU for an Atom HE in the summer and I’ve been using some old B&O earphones. They’ve got a nice midrange and treble but no bass.

Anyway normal service will soon be resumed.

Very impressive packaging and they look great.
I’ve been burning them in all weekend and tonight I’ll give them a proper listen.
Considering the weight they are very comfortable!


Three isolation pucks for my CD5si , since I got it I have bought a Chord Shawline Din to Din, powered it with an existing Chord Shawline power cord and now the isolation pucks .

The Hungry Halibut does not like them, but they certainly lift and separate the notes.


It would be great to hear your experiences as your NC gear beds in. I’m tempted to go the same route.

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A preloved pair of Super Lumina DIN to XLR’s for my 552/500. Bought blind and I’ve seen mixed reviews so they’re on sale or return.

I’ve bought a pair of Harbeth m30.2xd in tamo ash. I did end up having to get some new stands @khan84 and I went with the ones used in my home demo though some may consider them an unusual choice as they technically aren’t made for these speakers at all but actually designed for the mission 770. They are open frame, metal stands and seem very well built. They might be a tiny bit on the short side but they seem to be working well with the demo pair that I’m borrowing till my speakers can be brought round.