What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Piega Coax 611 since Wednesday last week


Always good to see Piega speakers!


Not so much an equipment purchase, more of a circuitry upgrade.
Electrician & BT/Openreach are both here today.
BT/Openreach are trying to resolve the Broadband issues.
The Electrician is here mostly to sort out the outside lights, but he is also going to change the breaker on the Audiocave plug socket circuit to a 20amp C class switch. Not the 40amp I was hoping for but better than the 16amp B class switch currently running it. :blush:


282 :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:


Good luck with BT/Openreach.

12 years ago I was getting dial-up speeds on Broadband, with the Internet cutting out if I used the landline at the same time. It took many an attempt to rectify the problem.

Eventually, things were resolved, but not before a Parthian shot from BT billing me £100 for a non-existent service visit. When I queried it, the call-centre type failed to comprehend that as the phantom engineer had not entered my property than no charge should have been made.

I had this charge revoked after explaining the situation to an exasperated BT customer service advisor.

Keep a note of times,dates and job numbers!

Hope it goes smoother for you than it did for me.


6 sockets currently being installed on a dedicated 32amp circuit🤩



I realise I’ve been rather negative about isolation feet beneath equipment, when said equipment is on a properly designed hifi rack. Now my Nova is living on a little table rather than a ‘proper’ rack I decided that I should set my antipathy to one side and try out some isolating feet.

I therefore bought a set of Isoacoustics Orea Bronze from my friendly dealer. I wasn’t expecting anything much, given it’s ‘only’ a Nova and that my hearing is somewhat dodgy. I installed them in line with the instructions and sat down to listen. Blimey, what a difference. Lots more clarity, lots more detail, and somehow it seemed louder. Most impressive.

After a while it became very obvious that it wasn’t impressive in a good way. It was a lot brighter and all very hifi. The ability to just sit, listen and enjoy was gone, to be replaced by an unnatural etched sound, super clear but rather wearing. So they are going back for a refund. But it was interesting to try them and to know that they really do affect the sound.


At least you gave it a go HH.

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I’ve bought a s/h Chord Sarum Super Aray 1m 5 pin din-din to try in place of the Hiline.

Why you might ask?

The answer is that our two cats lively play fighting extends to behind the hifi on a virtually daily basis. Every time they disappear behind the unit I imagine the worst and can’t relax.

The other cables are all robust enough to cope, but the Hiline is very vulnerable.

Let’s see…



I have had good experiences with a glass plate (tempered glass) with silicone nitride ball bearings, following the approach of Xanthe (Click here). Not expensive and worth a try.

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I found the same at the Bristol HiFi Show in the IsoAcoustics dem. The differences between 2 identical sets of speakers, one with isolating feet and one with spikes were clear every time they switched between them. Calmer, more even and ordered with the feet, coarser and less controlled without, but for me, very much better music with the spiked speakers in that particular demo.
The fact that the feet had such an obvious and profound effect confirmed that they definitely do something. In many situations I can believe it would be a beneficial difference so I’m not here to say they are no good, just that the sonic difference might not always be a musical improvement I guess.

Just bought this Lumin U2 Mini.


Cups for the speaker’s spikes.


nice unit! where’s that from?

Google lens, my fourth favourite thing ever, says it is an Oslo TV Unit, from JDWilliams. Quite reasonably priced too!

Or a very close relative. Legs look shorter above.

I purchased a D2 late last year and find it a superb piece of kit with great sound quality. Enjoy.

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Upgraditis has struck again - definitely for the last time for a while - am now the proud owner of a NAC 282 and NAP 250 DR - omg! Significant birthday present a bit early but I’m not complaining! Sounds amazing straight away but obviously it’s got to settle - they are preloved and a price I couldn’t resist - so I’m hoping that’s me done for a while….


That looks like a belter of a system (and it wasn’t too bad before!), enjoy :slight_smile:

It was - but it’s warming up even more now - hate to think what some peoples systems must sound like with the real top end stuff like statement level or even 500 series - I’d never leave the house - oh I don’t forgot I work from home - well I’d never get anything done - but yes very lucky and fortunate now! Going to let it bed in a bit and have a proper listen later. Thanks