What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Piega Coax 611 since Wednesday last week


Always good to see Piega speakers!


Not so much an equipment purchase, more of a circuitry upgrade.
Electrician & BT/Openreach are both here today.
BT/Openreach are trying to resolve the Broadband issues.
The Electrician is here mostly to sort out the outside lights, but he is also going to change the breaker on the Audiocave plug socket circuit to a 20amp C class switch. Not the 40amp I was hoping for but better than the 16amp B class switch currently running it. :blush:


282 :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:

Good luck with BT/Openreach.

12 years ago I was getting dial-up speeds on Broadband, with the Internet cutting out if I used the landline at the same time. It took many an attempt to rectify the problem.

Eventually, things were resolved, but not before a Parthian shot from BT billing me £100 for a non-existent service visit. When I queried it, the call-centre type failed to comprehend that as the phantom engineer had not entered my property than no charge should have been made.

I had this charge revoked after explaining the situation to an exasperated BT customer service advisor.

Keep a note of times,dates and job numbers!

Hope it goes smoother for you than it did for me.


6 sockets currently being installed on a dedicated 32amp circuit🤩