What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2024?

Please just use it dry I’ve used these dry for over 40 years.
Once you get the wrist action there are no more swiped dust trails.
Glad you like it. :+1:t2:


Honestly, this looks great for people like me who lives with a lounge that is seriously plug socket starved. I have a giant multi-plug thing, but it’s just ugly and unwieldy. I’d probably pay the price just to smarten up my plugs!

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Definitely worth looking at I’d say…

I have one of them as well.
I agree, surprisingly good.

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How do you control the bass resonances of the room?
(With corner placement, that’s on all 3 axes.)

Netgear GS105E L2 managed switch & iFi iPower X PSU.
Significant improvement.


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Lack of little lines of dust is the most obvious difference to a carbon & velvet brush that I noticed. Picks everything up very very well


It’s the Biz no nonsense just does the job. :+1:t2:

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I don’t, if I am honest. I do have a pair of GIK Monster Bass traps in the rear corners of the room, but I doubt they contribute much on their own. I don’t have any “booming” issues though with the PMC (+REL). I contribute that to the “speed” of the bass, which doesn’t linger in the room. My previous Dynaudios were much worse in that respect. I can adjust the REL gain a click or two down in the future, but it doesn’t sound overpowering as it is.

Contrary to popular wisdom, REL suggests that a single subwoofer should be placed close to a corner to get maximum “reinforcement” of the sub-bass from the room. In the case of a pair of subwoofers, as the total output is higher, they recommend to place them close to the speakers instead.

I followed blindly the “Sumiko” and “Rel” placement instructions and the final result seems to be more pleasing than before. I made some REW measurements afterwards, which actually show a worse objective response compared to before… :thinking:

Here are some plots for your reference. Happy to share more in a separate topic to avoid going off-topic here.

-Old speaker placement (black) vs “Sumiko” (red). Ignore the drop at high frequencies as this is likely to the microphone calibration issues (pointing towards the speakes vs pointing towards the ceiling).

-PMC without (red) and with REL (blue). Both in the “Sumiko” position

Waterfall plot for original PMC placement (no REL)

Waterfall plot for “Sumiko” PMC placement (no REL)

Waterfall plot for “Sumiko” PMC placement (with REL)

In any case, you can see this terrible dip in the region 100-200 Hz, which much be due to speaker-boundary interference. If I bring the speakers a lot more forward, the dip improves in the ~100-150 region, so that must be related to the rear/side wall. But I suspect the ~150-200Hz region is most likely affected by the ceiling/floor, so not much I could do there anyway.

Just as another view - I use mine wet - mainly - (using the AT fluid). It’s been superb…


…just to raise a counterpoint…Naim, along with at least one other UK company (in my experience) go to great lengths in ensuring that their power supplies, fed by the mains current, work extremely well. It seems to me (although I am not an electical engineer) that any ‘mains conditioning’ will be to the detriment to the current/dynamics of ‘the mains’. Intuitive thinking, I know!


When I got my NC300 system just before Christmas I told myself “no more upgrades”. Now look what’s happened. Doh!


Hi FR… Bet there’s no humming… nice and quiet ?

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What SL cable is that?


Many manufacturers claim the same. People just need to be curious and listen. If Porsche tells me a Porsche is better than a lotus I am not going to just go out and buy one, I would test the 2 first.

I still vote for: Let the mains rip…a good PS will make the best of it. A Power conditioner will squash it (a long time ago I heard this effect, but would concede n=1).
I don’t want my music civilising, I want it at lightspeed.

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5-pin DIN to 5-pin DIN. Links streamer to preamp.

Good call, I had the equivalent SL cable linking my 272 to 250 DR, a significant step up from the standard ‘in the box’ cable which, to be fair, was no slouch!

Am considering SL XLR’s to link NC 222 to NC 250 as and when Naim can clearly identify which cable to actually use :smirk:.


Fantastic cable! I love what it did in my system.

Naim do a very good job with their Power Supplies but it is not possible to account for the differing quality of mains supplies even in the UK let alone the rest of the world.

If it was possible to have a listening room in one area of the country and have an exact same room and gear in another part of the country with different quality mains, are you saying that there would be no difference in SQ?

Conditioners have advanced a lot in recent years and it cannot assumed that they will affect the SQ in a detrimental way.

As with everything, our listening rooms, treatments, equipment and mains are all different. This is also true of our musical tastes, preferred sound and quality of ears. It is no longer acceptable to put people off from trying conditioners in the same way that no-one should blindly accept the recommendation for a conditioner without home trials. This is true for gear and cables.