What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2024?

You bought 3 meters? Because if it’s 5 , you could have bought a second hand 552 or second 555 dr for that price. Just curious, no critical.

Hi Frenchrooster,

No, I bought 2x2,5m. There was a discount on the retail price and I could also trade my previous cable in. So, for the price which I spent on ChordMusic, I could buy none of those you mentioned :grinning:

Besides the price, it’s a fabulous cable👍.


That is a good buy and in what I think is the best combination of colours. I have been buying shelves on eBay whenever they are for sale, but as a result I have a mongrel Fraim of mix and matched colours and Fraim/Fraim Lite shelves…I did successfully upgrade one of the Lite shelves yesterday though and I am still (very) chuffed that I managed to drill the indented holes for the bearing cups without completely ruining it :grimacing:

Shame I could not be bothered to dust the turntable before taking the picture…oh well.

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Just bought Atom HE, Focal Clear Mg, ex-demo PMC Twenty5 23i’s and an active board for them. Only problem is having to wait up to two months for the active board. The 23’s sounded great when demo’d and I got them for a bargain.

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Congratulations you won’t be disappointed, Atom HE is the best value Naim Product I’ve owned (use with the older Focal Clear).

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Thanks for the response, appreciated. I currently have Signature XL in my system and it’s very good. :grin:

The Music is out of my league but it’s useful to know about the differences.

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Siltech Classic Legend 680i I/C

Nice cable, and not for insane money either :blush:


You are welcome! My 4th day with the Chord Music and what more I can say, it sounds more relaxed, more like unstressed(if that’s the right word to use).



That belonged to me. Glad you are enjoying it !

Ovators (s400) landed today. Barely was able to unbox them before leaving for a business trip. Can’t wait to listen…


Rega P1 arrived yesterday! Sounds great :notes::100:


I am now the owner of SL2. Bought thom from Pylod on this forum. :slight_smile:
They will play active with a Phonosophie Bi Amp 1-4 I got last year with Lp12/Aro In an second system at some point.


Woohoo Chord Dave in da’house ! The pictures don’t do it justice it is big and heavy like a fuggin brick!


Did not buy it…. Yet.
On loan a Audiaflight fls9 with DAC and mm/mc module.

Based on reviews I expected a softened sound in relation to Naim. Except it didn’t. It trumps the NAC272 + NAP 250-2 sound in every way, same drive but more mature I guess. More detail and more bottom end. Didn’t know the PMC twentyfive 23 could go that low.


Ooh Ive seen one in the flesh but never got to hear it. With SF iirc. Nice then?

Not bought recently but just repositioned - Soundeck Minis mk2 discs x3.

I previously had them under the 3 feet of my Rega RP10, really doing not much to the sound. Repositioned them a couple of days ago - first between glass and balls of Fraim top shelf, and then between cups and shelf. They obviously didn’t have enough weight on them before. Now they are damping vibrations sweetly and a healthy dose of uplift in clarity and stage is blossoming through.
Kind of quelled my hankering for a Vertere or Naia for a bit longer :slight_smile:

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Have you upgraded from the TT2?

A big difference?

Personal experience will be much more accurate or reliable than reviews. Good to know.

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I only have maybe 20 hours on it. But it’s miles beyond the TT2 / Mscaler I previously had. Much more dynamic, transparent, bass is amazing. It’s less warm sounding but has a you are there quality


Real Nice sounding amp. Only tried the DAC input so far, only listening to music (how it should be I guess).

Operation is another thing, slow (have to wait a few seconds after each setting) but once done I think it is set and forget.

If I will buy it I need a new streamer also to feed the DAC. Bluesound? Primare NP5?