What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2024?

I bought a Wiim Pro Plus as a back up device too. Tried it on RCA out and digital out, using a MuSo (it was handy in the kitchen). The Digital out, using Naim’s DAC in the MuSo, was much superior to the one inside the Wiim with an analogue input into the MuSo. Interesting!


Bought it broken for a really cheap price

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WBT-0110 Cu RCA plugs to finish off a pair of RCA to XLR cables I’m assembling.


I placed an order today for a set of Townshend Podiums to go under my speakers.
Hope to have them by next week.


Chord’s cheap as chips entry level streaming cable, unused bargain off the bay;

A stalking horse for their much more expensive streaming cables. But, in practice, not bad, not bad at all!



…this is what I use, and I have tried some much more expensive alternatives. The C-Stream just sounds right. The expensive alternatives sounded just plain wrong!


Neotech 3098 Ethernet… copper version
Used from the bay

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I decided that I had plenty of hifi that was more than good enough, so I bought this instead. It does have an okay stereo system in it though. :grin:


That’s about the size of a typical house in the UK :flushed:


PMCs arrived today. Size isn’t everything they say, but it’s going to take some getting used to them. :sunglasses:


Well I have slept in the back of it several times. It does feel like I am driving a small bus after driving my smaller single cab Tacoma for the last 14 years!


What is it?

2023 Toyota Tacoma. And the stereo inside, really a kind of just okay JBL system that wasn’t worth the price. The truck on the other hand, is quite nice.

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New mains socket - It’s been 6 years since I had my dedicated radial installed. As part of general maintenance (strip rack down and give everything a good clean) I’d planned to check all the terminals in both sockets (ring and radial) were nice and tight so it’s a good opportunity to replace the original socket too. A job for the weekend.


In Southern California the tailgate of the Tacoma is apparently a high risk theft item :joy:

In Dubai they like this car, because they can drive with their tiger, not a simple cat as most of us.


Yes, crazy isn’t it? I have read some real silly stuff, tailgates, catalytic converters, you name it.

Catalytic converters for the precious metals - The tailgates because a new replacement is over $4k :flushed:

I agree, it works pretty well for the price, I was surprised. So I do wonder how it compares with the more expensive options.

White’s a brave choice.

Remember the PMCs take couple months to run in. I’ve had several pairs over the years. The first couple months I always have had to leave the grilles on to take the edge off a bit.

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